The Jaku Jaku no Mi (Weak Weak Fruit) is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which bestows upon its consumer the ability to materialize, manipulate, and or metamorphose into weak bosons. Thus turning the consumer into a Yowaisougosayou Ningen (Weak Interaction Human). It was eaten by Asteria.


  • The Jaku Jaku no Mi is a logia for weak bosons.
    • Weak Bosons are the quantum of the Weak Interaction.
      • Weak Interaction is responsible for both the radioactive decay and nuclear fusion of subatomic particles. Meaning the consumer of the Jaku Jaku no Mi can...
        • ...induce radioactive decay within a substance at will. Allowing him or her to break down anything he or she so choses.
        • ...induce nuclear fission in order to create nuclear explosions. Yes. THOSE nuclear explosions.
    • Weak Bosons are their own antiparticle. Meaning the consumer...
      • immune to being annihilated.
      • ...can induce Annihilation Explosions at will. Which are several times more powerful than nuclear explosions. Though it should be noted that doing such a thing would take MASSIVE effort on the consumer's part.
    • Weak Bosons are elementary particles. Meaning the consumer...
      • ...can't be assimilated by strange matter.

In other words, this is one of the most destructive logia you could ever get your hands on. A perfect fruit for your grandest of villains! And the one who is going to get ther hands on it, is going to be the owner of the fruit that wins this contest!


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Asteria's TechniquesEdit