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Jiki Jiki no Mi
Jiki Jiki no mi.jpg
Japanese Name: 機機の実
English Name: Magnet-Magnet Fruit
Meaning: Sound of a Vacuum Cleaner
First Appearance:
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Eustace Kid

The Jiki Jiki no Mi (機機の実) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in which the user is able to turn their whole body into a vacuum cleaner, the user is able to turn his or her hands and/or feet into vacuum cleaner hoses and their body into a vacuum container. Thus making the user a Vacuum Cleaner Human (掃除機人間, Sujiki Ningen), Jiki () coming from the Japanese word Sujiki (掃除機) meaning “Vacuum Cleaner”, in both Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Vac-Vac Fruit and it was ate by Madora Aspira of the Sujata Pirates


The main strength of this fruit as demonstrated by Madora, is that he is able to be like a living vacuum cleaner. He is able to turn one or both of his hands into vacuum hoses and suck up anything that he wishes. He had shown to create powerful vacuum currents that suck up any thing that isn't bolted down in the area. He had shown that he is able to vacuum up both tangible and intangible objects.

He is able to store it within his body like a normal vacuum cleaner. One of the best strengths of this fruit is the storage and like any normal vacuum cleaner. He is able to either suck up or blow out objects that he had sucked up. Often will might suck up swords with one hand and from the other hose will blow out the swords at his opponents. Also he is able to create powerful wind currents as well, the fruit has shown to have powerful strengths regardless of how odd it might seem.


This fruit has a few weaknesses, the first that the user will need a current to either suck in or blow out air. If one of his hoses are plugged up his devil fruit powers wouldn't seem to work, also like any normal vacuum cleaner he does have a limit as to what he is able to hold within his container. Also it was shown that if wishes to set himself on blow, it his hoses are plugged up he himself will begin to blow up like a balloon and like a vacuum cleaner bag he might pop. Other than this, there doesn't seem to be any other weakness rather than just the standard weakness of the devil fruit.


The Hoses the user is able to turn their hands and arms into.

The main usage of this fruit is rather unique, besides the domestic cleaning of things. This fruit had bestowed powers that allow the user to vacuum up attacks both tangible and intangible. Such as it was shown that Madora was able to vacuum up an energy blade and then after vacuuming it up, he was able to blow out and back at the opponent. The next usage was for storage, he has shown to have sucked up several weapons from his own to allies weapons. He could even vacuum up humans and other living things. This fruit has shown to be useful against Logia users the best, it was shown on Ryba first. During a training session between Ryba and Madora. He had vacuumed up Ryba and left him in his container. So against Logia devil fruit users have shown to be able to suck up said element they are and be able to blow it back at them. The next usage is that fact that user is able to create powerful wind and suction currents, the user was able to get a giant like Yamatoki caught into his suction. Being able to blow away things around in the area, these techniques have shown to be used against the likes of several enemies.

Another use that Madora had found for his hoses is to use them like tentacles, he had shown to be able to grab onto items and people. Often he would warp his hoses around his opponents and suck them up like that. He also had shown to able to grab onto this with his suction and throw them because of the suction releasing. He had shown to be able to suck onto an opponent and then jump up high into the air, then dropping them by cutting or turning off the suction of his devil fruit powers. Another more deadly use of this fruit is sucking up all of the air and fluids from the body, Madora had shown that he has become immune to poisons because he has been able to suck them out of his body and blow them out of his hoses. Also for combat usages with his hose, Madora is able to strength his hoses out to an unknown length. So often for surprise attacks Madora is able to allow his hose to travel through the ground, as they travel they will suck up the dirt. Thus why he has little effort of travel through the ground, so whenever he chooses he can have his hose appear out of the ground by his opponent. Most of the time he will have them appear behind his opponent, then attacking them with a Buru technique.

Also a more unique usage of this fruit is that, the user is able to survive under water if they fall in. Madora exampled that he is able to suck up oxygen and store it within his container, thus he will have an oxygen source for a short time, until someone gets him out of the water. Of course he still wouldn't be able to move, but he could take slow and deep breath to help him survive until someone comes and save him. This is more of an insurance policy, he discussed this with Donsai originally. He also is able to breath through is hoses as well, so he would be able to be under ground or such for long periods of time. Using the hose as a breathing tube he could survive such situations. After the 2 year time skip, Madora had returned and shown that he had gained more powers with his devil fruit. The main ability being that he is able to now turn his tongue and mouth into a hose. What makes this special is that whenever he turns his mouth into a hose, he is able to have his teeth stay normal. So now is able to grab onto opponents and but down into them, also he has shown to eat that was as well. Also it was shown that if he ever chokes on a piece of food or such, he will turn his hand into a hose. Sticking it down his throat and unchoking himself, which isn't really useful for combat but for everyday life.


  • Kamo (鴨, Literally Meaning "Suck") This is one of the basic techniques used by Madora, in which he is able to turn one or both of his hands into vacuum cleaner hoses. Then producing a powerful suction, whenever done he is able to suck up anything that isn't bolted or nailed down to the ground. He is able to control the amount of suction and power that is put into his Kamo technique. He has shown to be able to create suction in a very small area to a whole city, he is able to vacuum up large, middle and small objects. It appears that he is immune to sharp objects such as swords and spears, they are able to pass through his hoses and not damage them. Such as in not cutting the hoses and making a hole, he commented that he uses tekkai in order to make his hoses stronger to be able to take the damage from the items he sucks up.
  • Suikomu (吸い込む, Literally Meaning "Suck Up") This technique was first shown to be used as Madora had sucked up a whole lake, Madora is able to suck up tangible object and intangible objects. This techniques has shown to be used against the likes of Logia users and elements of the world. This was shown to be used on Ryba and then Smoker, Madora was able to vacuum these two up because they were elements. Also Madora also was able to vacuum up other people and living beings, thus trapping them with in the user's container and they can release said item whenever they please.
  • Buru (殴, Literally Meaning "Blow") This technique the is the opposite of the Kamo technique in the user is able to blow out thing, as if they were a vacuum cleaner in reverse. The user is able to blow out powerful wind currents, to the point that they are able to blow away even their opponents. Often this technique was shown to power the sails of the Sujata crew's ships. Madora is able to blow out powerful wind currents into the sails and the sujata crew is able to sail whenever they please without the worry of wind currents from a natural source.
  • Buru Kusaba (殴草葉, Literally Meaning "Blow Blades") Madora will vacuum up a number of blades and after he had finished vacuuming them up. He will blow them out of his other hose or both of his hoses back at the opponent.
  • Buru Arou (殴矢印, Literally Meaning "Blow Arrows") The same principle the Buru Kusaba, instead of blades. Madora will suck up arrows with his hoses and then fire them back at his opponents.
  • Buru Datsu (殴ダーツ, Literally Meaning "Blow Darts") After vacuuming up several darts, the user will blow them back out of one or both his hoses at his opponents. Many of the time Madora will use poison dipped darts against his opponents with this technique.
  • Buru Hari (殴針, Literally Meaning "Blow Needles")After vacuuming up several senbon needles, the user will blow them back out of one or both his hoses at his opponents. Many of the time Madora will use poison dipped needles against his opponents with this technique.
  • Buru Chiri (殴塵, Literally Meaning "Blow Dust") Madora often will carry a bag of powder with him, after sucking it up into his hoses and then putting into his container. Madora, will blow it out into the air and thus causing a fog. With this this fog, Madora will be able to use his other techniques. Often this is used to make quick and silent assassination attempts on his opponents.
  • Kisu no Agiri (死のキス, Literally Meaning "Kiss of Death") This technique has proven to be one of Madora ultimate ones, after he grasp onto his opponents and warp his hoses around them. He will connect his hoses to both their nose and mouth, then starting to suck out all of the air in the opponents or targets bodies. Until they end up death from lack of oxygen to the body or often until they pass, out because from then Madora is able to take then away or capture them whatever he wishes to do with them.
  • Kabuchoshiki (可膨張式, Literally Meaning "Inflatable") Another one of Madora's ultimate techniques, after putting his hoses on both the mouth and nose. Madora will begin blow air into the opponent and they will begin to inflate like a balloon, until the human body can't take it and it will need to get rid of the air somehow. So much like a balloon the opponent or target will pop, however this technique how shown not to work on everyone. Madora had commented that couldn't have used this opponent on Luffy or an logia user, because the logia will turn into their element. Luffy being rubber he would blow up like a balloon and nothing more.
  • Jiki Jiki no Mi, Model: Spider (死死真空スパイダー, Literally Meaning "Vacuum-Vacuum Fruit, Model: Spider) Madora will grow several hoses out of his body, also turning both of his hands and feet into hoses as well, this most has shown to be used in combat purposes. To give Madora a few extra sets of limbs in order for him to do battle with.
  • Jiki Jiki no Mi, Model: Spider Swords (死死真空スパイダー草葉, Literally Meaning "Vacuum-Vacuum Fruit, Model: Spider Swords) Madora will blow out a few sets of blades and as they go up into the air, his hoses will catch the swords and similar to Hachi's eight blade style. Madora will use them in combat and to add to his swordsmanship capabilities.
  • Hariken (疾風, Literally Meaning "Hurricane") After going into his Jiki Jiki no Mi, Model: Spider mode, Madora will begin to suck up as much things as he can. To the point that he is sucking up, the ground, trees and other things within in the area. Until he himself will fill his container to its fullest limit, then with all of his power. He will put himself in reverse and blow out all of these items that he had sucked up, in a massive hurricane like storm. As things from weapons, swords, spears and even parts of homes come at his opponents or targets. This has proven to also be dangerous for him as well, if he overfills his container he will end up killing himself with this technique. Thus why he will rarely use this technique, often if he is forced into this. He will only suck up items until his container is about half full and then releasing it into the air.


  • A side from combat, this devil has a lot of uses for domesticated clean usage. Yao Mi, had commented that Madora would be able to clean the whole ship in a matter of minutes with the power of this devil fruit.
  • A user had asked the creator, could the user's penis turn into a hose as well. To answer the user the creator confirmed yes that the users penis could turn into a hose as well.