K.O. Rogue



Japanese Name: K・O・ローグ
Romanized Name: Kē Ō Rōgu
English Name: K.O. Rogue
First Appearance: Fanon
Affiliations: Wild Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Lookout
Epithet: "Slicer of Paradise" (切天 Setten?)
Japanese VA: Yūki Kaji
Age: 21
Height: 174 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 55,000,000
strong points:

K.O. Rogue (K・O・ローグ Kē Ō Rōgu?) is a pirate and the swordsman of the Wild Pirates. He is natural from the Sakadura Island,


Before the TimeskipEdit


Rogue's outfit after the timeskip.

K.O. Rogue is a young man, with twenty-one years of age. He is relatively tall and has a fairly muscular build. His skin is slightly tan and his hair has a bright orange color. It is kept spiky in the back, with long bangs in the front, that frame his face. His eyes are crimson-colored and he has a scar over his left one. He also has two additional scars, both crossing the one on his eye. He wears red earrings, shaped like crystals.

His outfits vary throughout the storyline. much like with the rest of the crew. In his debut, he donned a waistcoat weaved from fur that revealed his well-defined torso. He matched it with a pair of pants made from animal skin, with thick fur linings encircling the thighs and calves area.

After joining the Red Demon Pirates, Rogue opted for a much more oriental look, matching the clothes of samurai or ninja. He now wears dark clothes: a black overcoat, a sleeveless shirt and black loose pants. With the white sash he wears around his waist, he keeps his sword with him.

After the TimeskipEdit

After the timeskip, Rogue sports a shorter haircut, having his hair to the level of his ears. Additionally, instead of using it spiky or in a ponytail, he now wears it loose, with more bangs over his face, covering his eyes. He also sports a western outfit, instead of his traditional Asian ones. He wears a black suit, with a white shirt and tie below. He also wears black shoes.


K.O. Rogue's color scheme.
His wanted poster.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit


The most obvious trait of Rogue is his prideful demeanor: as demonstrated in several occasions of the series, it is extremely complicated to convince Rogue of something he does not believe in. He is very arrogant.

When first introduced, he displayed great indifference to his crewmates as well as others. Feeling superior to all of them, including his captain, Rogue was unwilling to cooperate with any of them, and, instead, had the tendency to act alone and didn't pay much attention to orders from superiors.



Major BattlesEdit