Kabe Kabe no Mi
Japanese Name: 壁壁の実
English Name: Wall-Wall Fruit
Meaning: Wall
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Barry A. Cordes

The Kabe Kabe no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create walls anywhere where they touch. They cannot create walls in other parts of their bodys than a hands. "Kabe" means literally wall. It was eaten by Barry A. Cordes.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



  • Kabe Kabe: Force (可部可部フォース Kabe Kabe: Fōsu?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Force") Barry makes wall in front of himself by moving his hands mime like way. He can make it invisible and also decide the shape and thickness of the wall between glass like wall and steel wall.
    • Suramu!! (スラムSurammu?, literally meaning "Slam") Barry pushes his hand forward, causing wall to move at high speed and crash into enemy.
  • Kabe Kabe: Bokugo (可部可部防空壕 Kabe Kabe: Bōkūgō?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Bomb Shelter")
  • Kabe Kabe: Yosai (可部可部要塞 Kabe Kabe: Yōsai?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Stronghold")
  • Kabe Kabe: Roka (可部可部廊下 Kabe Kabe: Rōka?, literally meaning" Wall Wall: Corridor")
  • Kabe Kabe: Baburu (可部可部 バブル Kabe Kabe: Baburu?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Bubble")
  • Kabe Kabe: Kiho Shito (可部可部気泡シート Kabe Kabe: Kihō shīto?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Bubble Wrap")
    • Kabe Kabe: Baburu no Maundo(バブルのマウンド Kabe Kabe: Baburu no maundo?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Bubble Mound")
  • Bokkusu-nai no Torappu (ボックス内のトラップ Bokkusu-nai no torappu?, literally meaning "Trapped in a Box")
  • Kabe Kabe: Maimu no Sekai (可部可部マイムの世界 Kabe Kabe: Maimu no Sekai?, literally meaning "Wall Wall: Mime World") Barry creates large number of moving invisible walls around the area he and his opponent are. Due to the fact that walls are invisible, enemy cant see them and also doesent know where they are beacuse they change their place randomly without any pattern or order nor they can dodge them when they are going right at them or get out of that area. Barry is only one who knows where they are going to move and also where they are located, giving him upper hand and possibility to use them as his platform.