Kafun Kafun no Mi
Japanese Name: Kafun Kafun no Mi
English Name: Pollen Pollen Fruit
Meaning: Pollen
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Xerxes Danmark

The Kafun Kafun no Mi is a Logia-Class that allows the user to become pollen itself, It was eaten by Xerxes Danmark

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

The user can fade into pollen like dust, It may take time for the users entire body to fade away but once he does completely fade he can travel in a group of pollen using the wind, He can then rebuild himself into his body at the spot he reached, Yet the user can easily burn by fire, If the user is surounded by flowers he can use the pollen within them and fade into pollen, That way he can rebuild himself anywhere he wants to where the pollen is, He can rebuild certain parts of his body in far from other parts, Because of the large potential of pollen in the area.

Like other Logia type users, The user of this fruit can become intangible by becoming his element, Also the user can generate nearly limitless amounts of Pollen from any part of his body even though it wont have very effective offense purposes it is still very effective in distracting enemies, Like most Logia users the user of this fruit can fly by turning the lower part of his body into his element thus flying swiftly in the air.