Japanese Name: 海将
Romanized Name: Kaishō
English Name: Generals of the Sea
First Appearance: Fanon
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10 At least 1,400,000,000
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Kaisho (海将 Kaishō?, literally meaning "Generals of the Sea") is a group of several pirates that are spread all throughout the Grand Line that usually fight between each other for the possession of territories. They are considered extremely strong, matching in many cases the strength of big figures in the pirating world. They are also quite searched by the World Government, and are considered a mass threat, due to their size and power.

Because of their massive strength, they gained great bounties, that outmatch many others. Due to the number of members, the total bounty of every pirate amounts to more than Bsymbol101,000,000,000.



Becoming a KaishoEdit

Kaisho are known all throughout the pirating world and the four seas, be it by the common population, be it by the Marines. Therefore, a pirate that wishes to earn a place in this terrifyingly strong group of conquerors must be up to part. In order for a pirate to become a Kaisho, one must fulfill the following requisites:

  • The pirate must possess some reputation in a significant amount of places;
  • The pirate should have a high bounty, of at least Bsymbol100,000,000;
  • The pirate must possess territories along the Grand Line, be it in Paradise or the New World (normally, five to six islands should suffice, but kingdoms or empires value much higher, and therefore, a single one is enough to meet the condition);

Bears discussing Gillard's threat.

  • The Marines and/or the World Government must admit them as a threat that can put in danger their plans. The affiliation to the Revolutionary Army can further emphasize the threat they pose (as seen with Gillard D. Soul), but the other conditions must still be met;

However, an alternative to gain a spot in the Kaisho that will automatically fulfill the points above mentioned is the defeat of a member of the organization and the claiming of their lands. Doing this will result in the world forces recognizing the pirate's strength, spreading the news through the rest of the planet, leading to popularity. This will cause the Government to take action, in conjunction with the Marines, that will, consequently raise the bounty set previously or even create a high bounty.

Kaisho membersEdit

New World
MugDalga MugGillard MugGuardian MugCoronello MugKoko
Dalga Gillard D. Soul Guardian Coronello Bat Koko
MugSunbeard MugSolo MugNova MugZero
Zoldyck Solo D. Jack Nova Blade Zero Hotaru
MugPakku MugKaguya MugLombarn
Lil Leelben Kaguya Lombarn

Animosities between membersEdit


Lil Leelben VS. Dalga & Gillard D. Soul


Coronello Bat VS. Gillard D. Soul


Other RelationshipsEdit


Seven PathsEdit


The Seven Paths.

The Seven Paths (七道 Nanadō?) have the largest amount of kingdoms out of all of Kaisho. While not an official position or group, it is a very common designation for some of Kaisho's members, even among them. They are chosen as one of the paths for their territories and influence over them. They are the reason some of the Kaisho fight between themselves — to earn a place in the Seven Paths aswell as gain the numerous amount of territories in which the previous Kaisho held.


The name of the group comes from the designation used to define the seven districts of ancient Japan.


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