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The Karai Karai no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by "Hot Chef" Ancho.

Karai Karai no Mi

English Name: Spicy Spicy Fruit
Meaning: Spicy
Type: Paramecia
Power: Produce Various Types of Hot Sauce from the User's Body
Eaten By: Ancho
Story / Creator: stranglehold13


The Karai Karai no Mi looks like a yellow tomato with red and orange swirls.


Ancho uses the Karai Karai no Mi powers to produce various types of hot sauces from his body that have different types of effects. These effects are very useful in combat, making him a dangerous opponent, even though he may not look it.

Strength and Weaknesses

The Karai Karai no Mi allows the user to produce various types of hot sauces. Like Magellan's ability to produce poisons that vary in toxicity, the user's hot sauces vary in heat and effect. The effects range from irritating the skin to actively burning surfaces and starting fires.

However, this fruit is only a Paramecia-type, so the user cannot actually turn in to hot sauce. Besides this, the user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • Pepper Spray: Ancho sprays a mild hot sauce into his opponent's eyes, blinding them.
  • Tear Gas: Ancho breathes a gaseous form of hot sauce into a group of opponents, causing blindness and severe skin irritation.
  • Spicy Body: Ancho coats his body in hot sauce, creating an armor that burns anyone that touches him.
  • Four-Alarm Rain: Ancho sprays an extra spicy hot sauce into the sky. The hot sauce rains down and causing mild burns to anything the rain drops hit.
  • Five-Alarm Time Bomb: Ancho creates a ball of hot sauce that explodes after a short period of time, coating anyone near the bomb with extra spicy hot sauce and causing second-degree burns.
  • Ancho Special: Blazing Dragon: Ancho's ultimate attack. He produces his spiciest hot sauce and forms it into a Chinese Dragon. Anything the sauce touches is severely burned. It can even start fires if it touches flammable materials, such as houses or forests.


  • Ancho also uses his hot sauce powers for cooking.