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Kariumu Kariumu no Mi
Japanese Name: Kariumu Kariumu no Mi
English Name: Potassium Potassium Fruit
Meaning: Potassium
Type: Logia
Eaten by: No user


The Kariumu Kariumu no Mi is a Logia class devil fruit that allows the user to become, control and create potassium.


The Kariumu Kariumu no Mi is a gray bannana with cream spirals.


The user can create, control and become potassium to fight.


The user can set themselves on fire if they touch water, or explode when they touch it. They can also essentially 'fly' over the ocean by dropping potassium under themselves and use the explosians to 'fly'.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Aslo if the user touchs water, ice, snow or rain while transformed they will be set on fire or explode, however they are not affected by this (except for burns cuased by fire). The user is also defenceless agaisn't enemies who use high temperatures.


  • Potash Cannon: The user fires a chunk of solid potassium at an enemy.
  • Potash Wall: The user creates a wall of potassium.


  • One of the user's weaknesses can theoretically overcome one of the standard weaknesses.
  • Unlike real-world potassium, the potassium the user creates and turns into is not affected by air.

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