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Introcudction Edit

The Kaze Kaze no Mi is a paramecia devil's fruit that allows the user to turn into a zephyr. This is not to be confused with any logia-type devil's fruit as neither the user can create matter, nor can they turn a specific part of their body into an element. The user can only be a human, or a zephyr. The previous user was Minos, but after he was killed, this devil's fruit returned to the circulation, and is now located in the Devil's Fruit Vault.

Rules & Usage Edit

As stated above, the user can only be a zephyr or a human. For example, if a sword were to strike Minos in the chest, Minos would turn into a zephyr. His whole body would become a zephyr in a few seconds. Also, as a zephyr, his devil's fruit will force Minos to move perpetually until he changes back into a human.

This devil's fruit doesn't provide a direct offensive bonus, but it does open up to a variety of different styles of dodging and movement. For example, Minos can turn into a zephyr and charge through his opponent before materializing and striking him or her. The breeze that Minos is will distract the opponent, and doing so will give Minos the opportunity to strike.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

Attacks Edit

Zephyr - Minos turns into a zephyr. After saying this, he will quickly say one of the words mentioned below and proceed with his attack.

  • Tunnel - Minos charges straight at his target and materializes just before he comes in contact with his target. Even as he materializes, he still travels at the same speed as he was before. This results in a body slam.
  • Storm - Minos charges at a slight angle towards his target, and then he proceeds to orbit around his target, disorienting his target.
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Zephyrus - Minos turns into a zephyr, and forces movement by causing multiple small tornadoes make up his body. This gives Minos a massive advantage, as he can harm others while still intangible. Unfortunately, staying in this form costs a lot of stamina. As every single part of his body is moving in place at the same time. His cape also stays intact. He is also visible in this form even though he is made up of zephyrs because he attracts a lot of dust.