The Kaze Pirates are seen as big threat to the World Government.

Kaze pirates


Main Ship:



Shiro Kain

Total Bounty:


Crew StrengthEdit

Despite only having a small number of members, the Kaze Pirates are a very powerful crew. Their captain is renowned for being on par with strong characters. They proved their strength by challenging some of the strongest organizations like the WG and the Red-Haired Pirates. The 3 strongest under the Captain are: Oringo, Shachi and Ryusen. The rest of the crew are weaker but are still on par with the Supernovas. The four strongest crewmembers are on par with the Shichibukai, or even WB pirates. The others are still able to fight Supernovas or maybe even Shichibukai. Their captain's name is renowned through the sea. He fought on even terms with Smoker, and even Crocodile. The crew gained their fame by destroying a Marine base, declaring war against the WG, and fighting a shichibukai, Crocodile. After training for one year they got a huge powerboost being able to defeat akainu and other powerful characters together. Even great pirate crews are aware of them,and rather avoid a fight with this crew.

Strength RankingsEdit

  1. Shiro Kain
  2. Ryusen Shisu ,Oringo Stampu and Shachi Kuro
  3. Portgas D. Kobo,Tom Drago,Warudo Hoshi,Hiroto Ryusei,Moeru Hono,Fubuki Kori,Bruno Moon
  4. Aoi Kumo ,Maka Mao ,Kurenai Minato
  5. Shima and Mimba


Kaze Pirates
Captain toshiro hitsugaya by kakashi ninja wolf-d35sxf4 (1) Soul Eater Mifune by adoroloble Aoi 255194
Shiro Kain Ryusen Shisu Aoi Kumo Maka Mao Shachi Kuro
FideoardenaFFI Poop Shima Oga tatsumi 10 How-to-draw-okami-amaterasu-from-okami
Portgas D. Kobo Tom Drago Shima Oringu Stampu Mimba
MarkK Mark Fubuki63 Gouenjishuuyaforward 1314 83863d624c1b7e257b04c6a7bf32e71d
Warudo Hoshi Bruno Moon Fubuki Kori Moeru Hono Kurenai Minato
Hiroto29 Dinosaur-King-zoe-drake
Hiroto Ryusei zoe Drake


The Mangetsu is a a large ship, roughly the same size of the Thousand Sunny but with an orca figurehead. It was made by Shachi and other fishmen.Kurenai Minato


They see each other like family and won't hesitate to kill people for their sake. Shiro Kain recruited all the crewmembers and all of them gladly accepted. Ryusen doesn't really get along with Oringo and Shachi. The only thing that stops them from fighting each other is Shiro kain or Aoi Kumo. Despite arguing about trivial things, the crew love and cherish each other so much that they would even go through such lengths as destroying Marine bases just because they hurt one of their crewmates.They are eachothers best and/or only friends.

Devil fruit EatersEdit

  • Shiro: Kuki Kuki no mi
  • Kobo: Tetsu Tetsu no mi
  • Maka: Neko Neko no mi model: tiger
  • Oringo: Dino Dino no mi model: Triceratops


  • combined bounty :4,330,000,000


Despite being such a threat, they allied themselves with the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies, Smoker, the Law Pirates, Jinbe, the Musketeer Pirates, the Dragon Pirates , Gaint Pirate warrior band,even The Skyline Pirates and the Angel Pirates,which are both powerfull crews are considered allies.

Locations VisitedEdit