Keru Keru no Mi
Japanese Name: 頂ける頂けるなしマイル
English Name: Melt Melt Fruit
Meaning: Rid Rid Fruit
First Appearance: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:

The Keru Keru no Mi allows the user to melt anything they come into contact with living or non-living by raising there body heat

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


It allows the user to melt anything they come into contact by raising there owe body heat at will it also allows the user to choose what subsatnce the object melts into like magma or water 


  • User loses all power when he or she comes into contact with ocean water
  • if used excessivly will begins to burn the user's body leaving many scars


Ryu normally uses it in most of attacks and inclues it in his fighting style he normally would do attacks that he calls burning moves in which he phiycally attacks his foe and when his body parts comes into contact uses a weakended version of the Keru Keru affect in which he burns them badly instead of melting them which he could do

Ryu later uses combat gloves that was made by his father for him he transverted the high levels of body heat into powerful flames which can be exerted from the gloves