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Kira Kira no Mi
Gleam Gleam Fruit Dust.png
Japanese Name: 煌き煌きの実
English Name: Gleam-Gleam Fruit
Meaning: Gleaming
First Appearance: ???
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Zelda Beryl

The Gleam Gleam Fruit (煌き煌きの実 Kira Kira no Mi, short for "kirameki,") is a Paramecia Devil Fruit which grants the power of gold generation from the user's own body, akin to the effects of the Hollow Hollow Fruit, and allowing the user to manipulate the gold at their whim. It was eaten by Zelda Beryl.


Strengths and Weaknesses



  • Royal Guard (ロイヤルガード Roiyaru Gādo):
  • Royal Prison (ロイヤル刑務所 Roiyaru Keimusho):
  • Royal Double (ロイヤルダブル Roiyaru Daburu):


  • The name of the fruit was originally intended by Wyvern 0m3g4 to mimic the manner in which certain Devil Fruits are named, such as Perona's Hollow Hollow Fruit, rather than being called "Ghost Ghost Fruit," or Kizaru's Devil Fruit being labeled the Glint Glint Fruit instead of the "Light Light Fruit." To assist Wyvern, 13th madman suggested the name of Gleam Gleam Fruit for Zelda's gold related Devil Fruit, possibly due to the luster gold possesses.

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