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Kuda Kuda no Mi
Japanese Name: 果物果物
English Name: Bare-Bare Fruit
Meaning: The Sight of a Fruit Tree
First Appearance: ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Rostro Cráneo

The Kuda Kuda no Mi (果物果物) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, in which the user can take root and bare fruits. Kuda short for “Fruit Basket”, in both Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Bare-Bare Fruit. The fruit had first been seen in the hands of some local children, thinking of it as a ball. But was scared of it because of the fruit itself looked to be a skull, so they through it into a travelers cart and was rit of it forever. However the traveler was attacked by Rostro Cráneo and their he ate it.


The appearance of the fruit was in the shape of a skull, with two black swirls looking to be eyes. A form that looked like as if it was smiling, on the top of the fruit was a black leave and stem.


This fruit is not to be confused with either the minion models or the hakuri fruit, this fruit has similar properties but is very different. The main strength of this fruit is that the user can literally root into the ground, drawing out carbon and other natural materials to create a few things. The user uses several natural materials from the earth to crew these creatures. He uses clay as the body and carbon to make it live and move. The user's body becomes wrapped in branches reaching down to his waist, where they split off into roots that flare out on either of sides.

Four lightning bolt shaped branches grow out of the upper part of the right arm, with skulls hanging from the branches. The skulls are the fruits and they will drop onto the ground to become his soldiers. Thus why it gives the illusion of the hakuri fruit or even a minion model, but it is a different process. Just recent the user has found out that he can become almost a living lighting rod, by the lighting bolt shaped branch he holds and have on his body. He can gather light by this, but only during a storm.


To such a powerful fruit there are limitations the user can only have close to ten branches at a time. These branches can be broken as well or cut off by others, but the user can regrow them. Of course they will become defenseless, because they are rooted into the ground and can't move, but the user has been seen using his own roots as weapons. Also since the user is basically like a tree, they are more due to being injured if set on fire or any flammable substances. Other than that no other weakness have been shown, besides the standard weakness of the devil fruits.


Rostro showing a full mastery of the Kuda Kuda no Mi

The Kuda fruit has a number of usages; the first is to create an unlimited amount of what Rostro calls the Kuda Spawn. Which are the creatures he creates from the materials of the earth, since he takes root in the earth. He can draw as much as he wishes from the earth because his roots are in the ground. So he can draw out waterand other natural materials. So he could basic draw out an area of all of its vegetation to create his Kuda Spawn. He has shown that he can even put his roots into a human and take out all of their water, extreme dehydrate them to the point of death.

As his own roots take these things out of the ground and even humans, Rostro can heal his injures and recover. But a weakness is that since he is rooted in the ground he can’t move, so he needs the Kuda spawn to protect him. So in doing this, he can create them strong to combat such opponents. Also since he basic like a tree, if his branches are cut off. He can create more to the point of having 100 branches at a time. Also it has been shown that Rostro is close to unbeatable if he takes root, so when not rooted he is a bit weaker. However, Rostro has have come up with a system he has to help him stay rooted and move at the same time. He will take root into the ground, but he will have his root to be more flexible that he can move. But he does have

the chance of the roots being cut, and then cutting him off from the earth. But Rostro also is able to use his roots as tentacles and such, so he can use the roots for combat. But by using haki he is able to make them much harder to cut. But Rostro has found an ultimate technique that he and the kuda spawn does. He has discovered that if he puts roots into the kuda spawn as well, he can give them more strength and they can regenerate if destroyed.

Since Rostro is basically like a tree he has found out by mistake that he is like a living lighting rod, but he can’t be harmed because of many of the earthly materials within his body. So often during a lighting storm he will use his branches like lightning rods and then firing the lighting at opponents. So manipulating where the lighting goes, but he can’t produce it. So this shouldn’t be confused with the Goro Goro no Mi. Rostro is just giving the lighting a new path, to attack an opponent.

Rostro has also shown to have regeneration ability, since the inside of his body. Gets encoded with a woods like suffer, he is able to repair his insides and outsides. If he is rooted he could survive and the last few usage he had shown is to be able to have a way to live for a much longer time than normal humans. This is what he calls hibernation, since he is basically like a tree. He can take root into the earth and living off the earth. If wishes to go away for a few years, he can do this. But with this thus why he is able to live longer than most humans, because of the vitamins and nutritious that he takes out of the earth naturally to help his body survive.

He also has shown to be able to tap into the root system of other plants and such; he can manipulate them as well. But one of the greatest things he has found out with this is that, he can literally go into a tree and almost become part of it. By having his roots intertie with the others, so he uses this to spy on others.

Rostro has been developing a use for his fruits that he produces, he has revealed that if he eats one himself. He will gain a an increase of his attributes ten fold, to the point that he gains a increase of in his body mass. Which often fools other into as if he has a transformation, but really his body is producing new cells and mass, so much that he literally looks like as if transform into a monster. But really will the grow rate, his body hair grows out so fast to look as if he had fur, his muscles will increase and thus why he looks as if he has a final form. So in keeping with this, Rostro has called it a final form to basic make himself seem more powerful that he really is.

Kuda Spawn

An Example of the Kuda Spawn

The Kuda spawn is the creatures that are produced by the fruit, they have some basic powers. They have mobility and they are able to hold a weapon, but they have weakness. They can’t really think so they are just mindless minions that help the user and the members of the Skeleton division. So Rostro is their father and they will only listen to him or the commanders of the Kuda Spawn army. So the following abilities are what the Kuda Spawn can do:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Expert Swordsmanship
  • Regeneration
  • Numbers
  • The ability to fuse together, because of them being made from mostly clay.
  • Going back into the earth and appearing somewhere else, if ordered by Rostro


Joukon- (じょうこん, Literally Meaning “Take Root”) the basic abilities of this fruit, is that the user is able to literally turn their whole body into a root system. By digging into the ground, the user is able to draw out natural materials from the earth. The user can draw out water, different materials such as clay, carbon and even oil. But of course this does not just go for the ground; Rostro who had a full mastery over his fruit is that he has shown to that he is able to take root into bodies. Often into the dead, to draw out different vitamins and nutritious from the bodies.

Ichi Baku no Jikan- (いちばくじっかん, Literally Meaning “Be Hold, for I Am the Baring Fruit Tree”) another basic ability of this, is that the user will grow branches and on the ends of these branches. Skull shaped fruit will produce at the ends of these branches, as the skull shaped fruit begins to expand and form into a life form. Rostro will drop the fruits on the ground and then a Kuda Spawn will be created.

Ruto no Keji (ルートケージ, Literally Meaning: “Root Cage”) Rostro being that he has a full mastery over his fruit and he had created several techniques that often help him, this one being a very good one to trap others. Rostro will grow his root so deep into the ground and then they will pop out of the ground, as this is happen. The roots will begin to form a dome; once it is finished he will put haki through his cage. Rostro can also use this as a barrier like form, but on a small scale. Also he can either trap opponents in it or he can put himself in it as well.

Ruto no Keji, Model: Barrier (ルートケージ, Literally Meaning: “Root Cage Barrier”) Rostro will grow his roots out and into a dome like shape over himself, then putting haki through it. It will act like a shield for him or for whomever he sees fit to protect with it.

Ruto no Keji, Model: Trap (ルートケージ, Literally Meaning: “Root Cage Trap”) Rostro will dig his roots through the ground and when he gets to an opponent. He will bring the roots up and like tentacles the roots will wrap around the opponent, but since he puts Hasohuko haki through it most opponents get knocked out.

Kuda Kessei, Model: North (けっせい, Literally Meaning: “Kuda Formation, Model: North) Rostro will have the Kuda Spawn take several different formation patterns of attack. With this all of the kuda spawn will face the north, most of the times it would have their back to their opponents. As they use a soru technique they will appear behind an opponent, as they run along they drag their swords along in the ground. Picking up more tension and when they go to attack an opponent, then when giving the blow it will give more damage.

Kuda Kessei, Model: Wall (けっせい, Literally Meaning: “Kuda Formation, Model: Wall") Rostro or some of the Skeleton division members can do this. But the kuda spawn will form a marching line 10 length across and as the first one line up. More Kuda spawn will jump of the first’s shoulders and basically form a living wall. Of course for those who attack the wall will be attacked back.

Kuda Kessei, Model: Ring (けっせい, Literally Meaning: “Kuda Formation, Model: Ring) The Kuda spawn will form a circle around an opponent and one will attack the opponent. Crossing blades with the opponents and often firing rifles at opponents, using the numbers to overpower them.

Kuda Kessei, Model: V (けっせい, Literally Meaning : “Kuda Formation, Model: V) Rostro will be part of this formation; he will be at the head of the line. The kuda spawn will line up in a V formation behind him, as he draws his blade and then they do, he gives the order and the Kuda Spawn are free to attack whenever and how they would like.

Kan Setsu Shou no Mei (かんせつしょうめい, Literally Meaning: “Behold I am the Lighting Bringer”) Rostro being like a giant human lighting rod, he is able to draw lighting near him. He will get shocked by lighting by the branches and throw a staff like lightning bolt he holds, he can shot lighting out of this. But of course he doesn’t crate this, but he comments that he is redirecting it to where he would like to be. This was shown to be use against Enel, Rostro was able to redirect it back at him.

GO WILD!- This formation order is given to the Kuda Spawn, in which they are free do as they see fit. This is used mostly when attacking a large city or Marine based, this was used against several Marine bases that Rostro took over. He let the Kuda Spawn attack and even kill whomever they wanted to, but which is a rare order he gives.

Shichimi (しちみ, Literally Meaning : “Blend In”) As shown for a use of spying, Rostro and the kuda spawn have the ability to go into trees and basic become a part of them. They change color to match the tree, because of Rostro putting his roots into them and drawing the things he needs out of them. This is mostly a spying tool that he uses.

Etsunen (えつねん, Literally Meaning: “Hibernation”) This technique allows Rostro literally hibernate for a period of time, thus why he is close to 90 years old and yet he has the attributes of a 20 year old. He is able to root into the ground and draw all the things he needs to survive. Like a normal plant does, he could be able to live much longer than an average human, however when he is in a hibernating state he becomes completely defenseless, thus why he has the kuda spawn guard him or he does this technique in a deep part of a forest.

  • Rikaba (リカバー, Literally Meaning: “Recover”) this is more of shorten version of the hibernation technique, in which Rostro will quickly take root and draw out what he needs from the earth. Then he will be ready to go for battle again, this was shown when he had fought against several captains. He and the captains had had a long drawn out battle. Which left them both tired, but Rostro fell over first. The Marine captains thought they have won, so they left him to rot away. While the Marine captains could barely stand, Rostro gave them a shock when had recovered and was 100% health again and then he had defeated them with ease. So often Rostro will use this technique when a fighting is drawing to a close, if somehow he is defeated and the opponents are walking away. He will take root, recover and attack them again.

Dassui (だっすい, Literally Meaning: “Dehydration”) Rostro has the ability to drink up entire lakes and rivers with this, Rostro will take root in the ground. Now depending where he is, right next to the a source of water or even a mile away from it. He can dig his roots into the source and literally drink up all of the water through his roots. Of course this feeds the kuda spawn who are attached to his root system as well.

  • Dassui no Hito (だっすい, Literally Meaning: “Dehydration of the Human”) Rostro does have the ability to put his roots into others, he will do this and literally he can suck all of the human’s water in the body. Since the body is 70% water he can drop that down to 0% and then the human will die. This was shown when he had fought an extreme fat man and Rostro drew out all of the water from him. The fat man became extremely skinny and he looked as if he was an old man.


  • Like some other devil fruit, this fruit was blieved to be a curse. Because every one who had touched the fruit (not including Rostro), have died a few days after that. The local children killed in a raid by pirates and the traveler killed by Rostro.
  • If one would notice the fruit that Kuda Spawn come from, it revealed that it appeared to be the same shape and form as the originally fruit that Rostro ate.