The Kuma Kuma no Mi: Model Panda is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, that was eaten by Siobhán of the Devil Pirates

Kuma Kuma no Mi: Model Panda

Translation: Bear Bear Fruit: Model Panda
Type: Zoan
Eaten By: Siobhán
Story / Creator: Pandawarrior

Strengths Edit

The main strength of this Devil Fruit is that it allows the user to turn into either a panda-human hybrid or a complete pandabear. This goes along with an increase in strength, claws on hands and feet and a stronger jaw with sharp teeth.

Appearance Edit

The Kuma Kuma no Mi: Model Panda looks like an oversized white Lychee with black swirls on it.

Weaknesses Edit

The main weakness of this fruit is that the full pandamode is very engery draining and the user needs to almost constantly when in this form to keep it up. This is not the case with the hybrid form, that form can be kept almost indefinitely. The user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.