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Kumo Kumo no Mi
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Japanese Name: Kumo Kumo no Mi
English Name: Cloud Cloud Fruit
Meaning: Clouds
First Appearance: N/A
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Mavis Xanthe (Previous)

Hiro Xanthe (Current)

The Kumo Kumo no Mi (雲雲の実, Cloud Cloud Fruit), is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows the consumer to produce, become, and control any form of cloud, including those which reside on Sky Islands. Thus turning the consumer into a Kumo Ningen (雲人間, Cloud Human). It was eaten by Guhan D. Venkat.


The Kumo Kumo no Mi is an oval-shaped reddish orange fruit composed of small spherical parts with swirls, and green leafage sprouting on top of it. Its overall appearance looks like a miniature pineapple. It also bears a striking resemblance to the Bara Bara no Mi.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

If this fruit fell into the "wrong hands" it would be catastrophic... The ability to call upon storms at any time.. That would be a hassle.

Ashura, speaking about the Kumo Kumo no Mi

The Kumo Kumo no Mi allows the user to produce, become, and control any known type of cloud, even those residing on the Sky Islands. This setting the user up for a number of techniques, and so these techniques can range from weak to powerful depending on the cloud.

By allowing Hiro to transform into any cloud he desires, Hiro has found multiple new ways to put this to use. Much like all Logia, this fruit is used to change Hiro's body into clouds. Throughout usage of this fruit, Hiro has gained many new ways to put these clouds to use. Such as coming up with "Castes" or "Forms" if you may, which help him boost his individual attributes best suited for that battle or moment in time.

The fist and foremost weakness of this fruit, is the power that comes along with it. Though this power can come in handy, the more powerful, and bigger attacks that come with this fruit, cannot typically be used. This is due to Hiro minding his surroundings. This power can hurt nearby people and animals alike. The only known cloud that Hiro cannot produce, nor become, is the Sea Cloud as it would weaken him as well. Not only this, but extremely hot and cold environments can render Hiro's abilities USLESS, as his clouds cannot form without sufficient moisture. This giving heat, and cold based fighters an advantage over him, though Hiro has learned how to negate his weaknesses under certain circumstances. Besides this, the standard devil fruit weaknesses such as Kairoseki, and Fishman Karate apply.


Hiro having found many ways put his fruit to use, tends to use it to aid him in combat. Due to its destructive power, Hiro tends to use smaller techniques that back up more powerful melee techniques, rather than using bigger cloud based techniques. Hiro also has come up with three forms, all of which aid him in battle.

These forms... Castes.... Whatever the hell he may call them! He has turned one threatening fruit, into something we cannot let slide any longer!

Shula, Speaking to the higher ups about Hiro's new found abilities.

During his multiple travels and fights, Hiro eventually came up with three "forms". The purpose of which was to counter stronger foes as he sailed along. Each of these forms focus on one particular attribute of Hiro's with a sub attribute in mind, excluding "Asura Caste" which focuses on all of his bodily functions instead if just one or two.