Kuto Kuto no Mi
Japanese Name: クトクトの実
English Name: Vector-Vector Fruit
Meaning: "Kuto" comes from "bekutoru", the Japanese pronounciation of "vector"
First Appearance: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Jillian Berry

The Kuto Kuto no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to control, materialize and manipulate vectors associated with themselves. It was eaten by Jillian Berry, making her a Vector Human (ベクトル人間 Bekutoru Ningen?).

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



Jillian changing her gravity vector.

An extremely versatile Devil Fruit. To put it simply, Jillian can change any of the four defining properties of a vector (way, direction, application point and value; e.g: gravity has goes from up to down, in a vertical direction, with a constant value on Earth and it is applied in any body) to her will.

For example, she can accelerate herself when simply walking by changing the value of her moving vector (let's say from 1 km/h to 2 km/h) and she can float on the air by decreasing the intensity of the gravity vector that affects her body. She can also release a vector from her body, materialize it and use it as a sort of weapon.

While the Devil Fruit is limited to her, if she is in contact with someone, certain vectors may clash and she can then control the target partially, but never as well as she can control herself.


This Devil Fruit's first weakness is that, if Jillian materializes a vector, she cannot be influenced by it. If she decides to materialize her gravity vector, she cannot be affected by it, and, if using it for too long, she may float away and might have to suffer a great fall. The second one is that she can only manipulate a vector at once and only to a certain extent (she can't move at the speed of light, neither can she defy gravity for long periods of time). Apart from that, the Kuto Kuto no Mi holds the standard weaknesses.



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