Little Benny
Japanese Name: リトル・ベニー
Romanized Name: Ritoru Benī
English Name: Little Benny
First Appearance: Fanon
Affiliations: Wild Pirates
Occupations: Pirate, Archaeologist
Epithet: "Devil's Apprentice" (悪魔の弟子 Akuma no Deshi?);
"Angry Bidding Bull" (怒競牯 Dokyōku?)
Japanese VA: Susumu Chiba
Age: 21
Birthday: October 2nd
Height: 200 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 70,000,000
strong points:

Little Benny (リトル・ベニー Ritoru Benī?) is a famed archaeologist from Guernica Island, as well as an art collector. After the events in the island, he joined the Wild Pirates. He is, alongside Nico Robin, one of the only people in the entire world to have knowledge about the language of the Poneglyphs. He gained the epithet of Devil's Apprentice for that.

Because of his alliance to the pirate crew, as well as previous actions and knowledge, Little Benny has gained an almost automatic bounty of Bsymbol66,000,000.


Before the TimeskipEdit


Benny's clothes' design.

Little Benny is a peculiar character, much like the rest of his fellow crew members. He is a lean-built young man. Benny is very tall, reaching exactly 200 centimeters of height (6'6" feet), straight black hair, that is hidden inside his helmet, and black beard, that frames his face. For his age, he has surprisingly defined features.

Little Benny adopted a unique style: he painted his face white, with randomly located black spots, like the one his eye. Alongside his white clothes with black spots (shirt, pants, shoes and horned helmet), it makes him look like a cow, or even an ox. The only exception to his even look his the design on the back of his shirt, which looks like a bull's head, with the traditional nose ring. However, its head resembles the shape of a heart.

After the TimeskipEdit

After the timeskip, Benny grew a few centimeters tall. Apart from that, he is identical to his former appearance, much to the crew's surprise and comical reaction.


Benny's mugshot.
Little Benny's wanted poster. Note how the image was taken and changed to look like he is truly evil.


Major BattlesEdit