Abilities and Powers
Little Benny/Abilities and Powers
Japanese Name: リトル・ベニー
Romanized Name: Ritoru Benī
English Name: Little Benny/Abilities and Powers
First Appearance: Fanon
Affiliations: Wild Pirates
Occupations: Pirate, Archaeologist
Epithet: "Devil's Apprentice" (悪魔の弟子 Akuma no Deshi?);
"Angry Bidding Bull" (怒競牯 Dokyōku?)
Japanese VA: Susumu Chiba
Age: 21
Birthday: October 2nd
Height: 200 cm
Bounty: Bsymbol10 70,000,000
strong points:

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Main article: Card Play

Benny releases a stream of cards.

Little Benny has mastered, over the years, his own unique method of fighting; as the name indicates, Card Play (運任せ (カード・プレイ) Kādo Purei?, literally meaning "Luck of the Draw").

As the name suggests, he is capable of bringing out decks of cards and utilizing them in battle. The applications the cards have seem to be various: Benny can use the cards as multiple blades and release a stream of them, working as if they were shuriken; he can also shoot a single one to assassinate someone or apply Haki to their surface and act as if they were knifes. He was capable of creating card walls that avoided attacks. Combined with his speed and athletic skills, Benny can create devastating combos.


Main article: Haki

Little Benny has shown he has great skills with at least two types of Haki. The first was Busoshoku Haki (武装色の覇気 Busō-shoku no Haki?, literally meaning "Haki of the Color of Armaments"). Several of his Card Play attacks and techniques rely on this particular type of Haki, meaning he has a high level of expertise with it in order to perform well in combat.

However, it was also revealed that, during auctions, Benny has been seen utilizing the rarest of all Haki, Haoshoku Haki (覇王色の覇気 Haō-shoku no Haki?, literally meaning "Haki of the Color of the Conquering King"), in order to knock down his biggest competition without others understanding why.


Main article: Rokushiki

Geppo: Teradori.

Benny has shown that he has proficiency using Rokushiki. Until now, it was shown that Benny is capable of performing three of the seven techniques. These are Soru, Geppo and Rankyaku. Currently, he has revealed two unique techniques, demonstrating enough mastery of the styles to create his own attacks.


  • Shigan: Harisen (指銃「針千」 Shigan "Harisen"?, literally meaning "Finger Gun: Thousand Needles"): Little Benny strikes the opponent with the palm of his hand, sending a shockwave that pierces through his flesh. The technique's name is a pun with the terms "harisen" and "harisenbon", that are respectively a slapstick and a balloonfish. referring to the slap that equals the sting of the fish.
  • Geppo: Teradori (月歩「鷹鳥」 Geppō "Teradori"?, literally meaning "Moon Step: Temple Bird"): Benny quickly jumps from the air and then proceeds to perform a quick succession of air kicks, that propel him upwards in a zigzag-like pattern.