Margalota La Fey

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Gender:  ♀
Species: human
Blood type:
Island of Origin: Kurorei island
Occupation: noble
Family: La fey
Current Bounty: Bsymbol

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol
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Lady Margalota La Fey is the current head of the La Fey Household, one of the most powerful ruling families of Kurorei island. She inherited her title after the mysterious disappearance of her father, Rosart. While hers is not the only powerful family on the island, she takes a much more active involvement in it's running than the others, and is often considered the closest thing they have to an actual queen. 


Margalota puts a not insignificant amount of thought into her appearance, and aspires to look fashionable and refined, while not going overboard. Her favorite colors are invariably shades of red, and she usually prefers to wear a red dress of some description. She prefers to avoid jewlery, besides minor things such as small earings.


Margalota is polite and formal to a fault, particuarly with those she hasn't met before, and as a result seems very calm, collected, and controlled, at all times. She often comes across as amused, giving the impression of being aware of ongoing events that others aren't. Ironically enough, she does enjoy being informed, and pays close attention to the underworld as well as more open news, despite not having any significant criminal dealings. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the head of the La Fey family, Margalota has authority over everything connected to them. Due to their considerable wealth and influence this extends to the running of Kurorei island itself, Which she is considered one of the ruling nobles of.

It is known that she was trained in at least some forms of combat in case of emergency, and as a result is both stronger and faster than an average person, though apparently not to a superhuman degree. She also frequently carries concealed weapons of some description.

Primarily, Margalota's greatest strength lies in her ability to think clearly, predict the actions of others, and then factor them into her plans to try and guide events towards a favorable outcome. To some, her influence has been compared to a chess player presiding over the board, moving pieces as she wills. To most, this influence is entirely unoticed, as her inteference is subtle and easily concealed from the unaware.



Rosart La FeyEdit

Margalota apparently always looked up to her father and aspired to live up to his name and reputation. While she appears unfazed on the outside, his dissappearance upset her more than she admits. She hopes one day to find out what happened to him.

Lutece and MeiaEdit

Lutece and Meia, Margalota's bodyguards, are among her most trusted companions and oldest friends. While they do appear to act in 



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