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Maria Olelarte is the dancer of the Indenation Pirates. She is the daughter of Antonia and Francisco Olelarte and the granddaughter of Jose Olelarte, Garro Village's mayor.
Maria Olelarte
Maria Olelarte
Japanese Name: マリア·エルアルテ
Romanized Name: Maria Oreruarute
English Name: Maria Olelarte
Debut: Uknown
Affiliations: Indenation Pirates
Occupations: Pirate ; Dancer
Age: 13
Status: Alive
Birthday: 8th September


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Maria Olelarte fighting

Maria's serious look when fighting.

Maria is kind, charming and nice, always trying to be optimistic no matter what. Despite being only 13, she is quite responsible, but also a bit too much trusting to others, which it gives her problems sometimes. However, her affable personality helps her making friends wherever she goes.

Though she prefers not having to fight and will try till last moment not to have to, she doesn't hesitate to give her best, adopting a serious attitude.

She does not like storms and she is afraid of lightnings.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Maria is Extramurica's best dancer, being able to dance any style. She is incredible good at dancing jotas and flamenco.

Fighting StyleEdit

Maria uses Guadalupi Style.


Since she dances while fighting, she's very agile and good at dodging.


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