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Marine Headquarters is where the Fleet Admiral, Admirals, and Vice Admirals take up missions to take down you dirty pirates!! We are the peacekeepers and the law and order of this wiki!! DON!!

What We Do

We, Marines (only Marines) will take up missions to turn this wiki into a better place for everyone. Examples of missions would be category clean up, adding Devil Fruits to the Devil Fruit shop, etc..


This is a list of the Marines, those who help enforce the wiki and strive for its success. If you have any problems at all. Feel free to contact any of the Marines from Commander in Chief to Vice Admiral. Most Gorosei are inactive or hardly here, but can be found everynow and then appearing in the chat.

Position User World Government Counterpart Total Reward
Gorosei/Founder Marcus Junior (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei FoolishMortalFOOL (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif50,000,000
Gorosei 1NF3RNO (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif3,038,000,000
Gorosei Generalzer0 (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif1,200,000,000
Gorosei Wyvern 0m3g4 (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif 60,000,000
Gorosei Kai-De-Avalon (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif 2,830,000,000
Gorosei LuffyPirateKing (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei Pandawarrior (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Gorosei Roranoa Zoro (Talk) Gorosei Bsymbol.gif
Commander in Chief Kong Bsymbol.gif
Position User Marine Counterpart Total Reward
Fleet Admiral 13th madman (Talk) Sengoku Bsymbol.gif -
Admiral Rukiryo (Talk) Aokiji Bsymbol.gif 5,168,000,000
Admiral Zeon1 (Talk) Akainu Bsymbol.gif 900,000,000
Admiral Lvdoomien(Talk) Fujitora
Vice Admiral Powerhouse411 (Talk) Doberman Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Tashigi Bsymbol.gif
Vice Admiral Carabe197 (Talk) Jonathan Bsymbol.gif 50,000,000
Vice Admiral LordNoodleXIV (Talk) John Giant Bsymbol.gif 200,000,000
Vice Admiral Onigumo Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Smoker Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Vergo Bsymbol.gif -
Vice Admiral Tsuru Bsymbol.gif -


Missions are something that only Marines can apply for. Marines, you simply edit this page and type in (Taken by name) and go ahead and complete the mission. Once, you're done, edit the page and type in (Completed by name). Wait until someone edits in your reward. Make sure to pick only 1 mission at a time. You can only get another mission when you complete the mission that you currently have. Don't take a mission that you know you can't finish.

Gorosei, Commander in Chief, and Fleet Admiral Missions

  • Update the Pirate Code page. Reward: Bsymbol.gif 400,000,000 (taken by FMF)
  • Promote the wiki towards the Wikia Central. Reward: Bsymbol.gif 200,000,000

Admiral Missions

Updating the wikia rules, to correspond with the actual rules, I.e. the no messing with canon rule, the no same image rule. Etc Etc. Reward for mission: Bsymbol.gif 250,000,000

Updating the following pages, to follow the wiki in it's current state. Reward for each: Bsymbol.gif 125,000,000

  1. Layouts
  2. Templates
  3. Misc.
  • Updating the Devil Fruit Shop to completion. Reward: Bsymbol.gif 150,000,000
  • Categorizing the following. The reward changes for each, as the number of pages are different. The reward is raised by 2,000,000 for each page within the uncategorized section. The more pages in it, the longer it takes, and the more difficult it becomes. In this special case, Vice Admirals are allowed to take up one of these missions.

Vice Admiral Missions