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Position User G-6 Officer Counterpart Total Reward
Head Wyvern 0m3g4 (Talk) Medusa Bsymbol.gif 60,000,000
Member Lewush (Talk) Shellman Bsymbol.gif
Member Rukiryo (Talk) Tombstone Grim Bsymbol.gif 3,204,000,000
Member 13th madman (Talk) Nos Bram Bsymbol.gif
Member Yumoz (Talk) Damon Bsymbol.gif
Member Marknuttseviltwin4611 (Talk) Hyde Bsymbol.gif
Member Otakuknight 79 (Talk) Nephthys Bsymbol.gif

What We Do

The Uber Committee is here to stop you guys from overpowering your character(s)!! We all want a strong character but having an overpowered one will cause you some trouble...

  1. First off, we'll be checking you character's fighting styles!! Having a fighting style is good, having 2 or 3 is good but if your character has a huge amount of fighting styles than we have a problem.
  2. Secondly, we'll be checking your characters stats to make sure that he/she isn't way overpowered. Their stats should be least reasonable in the One Piece world!!
  3. We'll be checking your items, technologies and weapons to make sure that they don't cause the users to be overpowered. So no pistols that wipe out islands in a sigle shot or sporks that can skewer whole ships.
  4. We'll be checking your character's history to make sure that it doesn't interfere with the canon storyline, so no meeting the Straw Hats. You can't kill anyone that's still alive in the canon story, as well as give them an appearance change.
  5. Haki!! Don't make a new type of Haki because there is only 3. Don't exaggerate Haki, it can't solve all of your problems. We'll be checking your Haki to make sure that it's not exaggerated.
  6. We're checking your character's bounty to make sure that you have a good reason as to why it is high.
  7. We'll be checking if any character is godmodded and you know why!!
  8. We will see how great your character and make sure you know that!