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Matsu Matsu no Mi
Matsu matsu no mi.jpg
Japanese Name: 松松
English Name: Pine-Pine Fruit
Meaning: Sight of Pine Trees
First Appearance: N/A
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: N/A

The Matsu Matsu no Mi (松松) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in which the user is able to produce a thick pine tree like armor to cover their body. Matsu meaning “Pine Tree”, in both Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Pine-Pine Fruit.


One shouldn't confuse this fruit for Logia properties, even they it seems that it displays such properties. The basic strength is that the user can cover themselves, in a pine armor. The user defense greatly increases, to the point that even a bullet can't harm the user. Because of the pine armor being so thick, of course with more mastery with this fruit. The user has the ability to use the pine needles as fire projectiles and so on.


It has shown that fire seems to be a weakness against this fruit, however when coming into contact with fire. The pine will burn and create a massive amount of smoke and so the user had used this weakness as a blessing. To the point that he will set himself on fire and use the smoke as a smoke screen against others. Other than the user will suffer the standard weakness of the Devil Fruits.

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