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Michi Hotaru
Age: 12 (Pre-time skip) 14 (post-time skip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: O Positive
Birthdate: 15th Augast
Height: 3'5" (pre-time skip) 4'10" (post time skip)
Weight: 48kgs
Island of Origin: Morguchi Island
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: Bomb Boy
Crew: The Sea Devil Pirates
Position: Swordsman in training and explosives expert
Family: Mum and Dad (deceased), Caleb Nercos (step-Uncle), Anna "Angel of death" Hotaru (adopted mum), Zero "The White Demon" Hotaru (Adopted dad), Aya (sister), Croshenese High-King (adopted uncle), Sasuke Hotaru (adopted uncle), Tsunade Hotaru (adopted grandmother), Itachi Hotaru (adopted grandfather)

Current Bounty: Bsymbol15,000,000

1st Bounty : Bsymbol5,000,000

Reason : Joining the Sea devils with Takeshi "The Heaven's Blade"

2nd Bounty : Bsymbol15,000,000

Reason : Attacked a Government Convoy en route to a battle and aiding in the escape of a wanted pirate.

3rd Bounty : Bsymbol?????

Reason : ????

Dream: To become a powerful pirate known all over the seas
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Michi looks like every other 12 year old kid around but wears clothes that are slightly different, on his arms he wera a pair of arm bands with two rough lines which he uses to light his bombs (yes bombs). he also wears a waist coat over a shirt with "Blown Sky High" on the front. He also wears a pear of loose trousers and black shoes. He also sports jet black hair and amber eyes. His belt has two pounches one for his cherry bomb and another for his apple bombs. He also wears his Wakazashi on his back.

After the time skip he hasn't changed much appearence wise except for his height. The colour of his clothes remains the same (Black with gold trim) and his hair is slightly longer causing him to wear a headband.

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