The Mina Mina no Mi (Multi-Multi Fruit) is derived from the term "everyone" which links to the term "group". The fruit allows the user to become a Multi-man which grants the ability of manifesting multiple duplicates of himself/herself.


The Mina Mina no Mi looks like a pair of grapes. The color of the fruit is red with each grape being spotted with green dots. The inside of the fruit is a white creamy color.


The user can manifest multiple clones of his or herself. A one on one fight would put the users enemy at a great disadvantage but there's a trick to this power. Each and every clone can't take any real damage, hence when they're hit they vanish. The downside is that the clones are able to land punches and other blunt force attacks. If the enemy can wipe out all clones and find the real one then the odds are evened.


  • Typical "no swim" policy
  • Weakness to Seastone
  • Any attack with a wide radius would also wipe out the duplicates.