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Age: 30 (Pre-Time skip)

32 (Post-Time skip)

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: AB
Birthdate: March 11th
Height: 6 foot 6
Weight: 905kgs
Island of Origin:
Occupation: Pirate

Epithet: Iron Heart

Crew: The Sea Devil Pirates
Position: quatermaster & Armourer
Family: None alive
Current Bounty:

Bsymbol 290,000,000

Bounty History 1st Bounty: Bsymbol180,000,000

Reason: Making faulty weapons for The Marines.

2nd bouny:Bsymbol 200,000,000

Reason: blowing up a supply depot

3rd Bounty:Bsymbol 290,000,000

Reason: joining The Sea Devils and arming them with stolen weaposn blueprints.

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Mitsuhide the sleeping blacksmith. He is the armourer and quatermaster of The Sea Devils he spends his time fixing, making and inventing new weapons and gadgets for his friends to use. That is when he's not sleeping.


Mitsuhide is known for his black and white hair which comes from an illness he had as a child. He also has a large tattoo on his back dipicting one fo the gods of his home island. Normally he wears a salmon coloured kimono with star sandels and a special belt for his hammers.


Mitsuhide is very lazy normally sleeping in his room when not needed. He liek the rest of his crew is very loyal to his friends and family, and only really fights when they're in trouble.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hammer TimeEdit

Mitsuhide is a master at pounding his enemies in to the ground with his hammers. He using the hammers in powerful blows and sweeps to shatter bones.


Mistuhide can use any weapon he handles during his time on the ship.

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

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Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King




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