Modern Prometheus
Modern Prometheus

Japanese Name: 技術怪獣 (モダン・プロメテウス)
Romanized Name: Modan Purometeusu
English Name: Modern Prometheus
Literal Meaning: Technological Monster
User(s): Edward Franken
Fighting Style Focus: Mechanically Enhanced Body Weaponry
First Appearance: Fanon

Edward has been a guinea pig for Dr. Lose ever since he was a young child. Because of that, he has gained a number of body adaptations, cyborg ones, that allow him to use a number of unique bodily features. To this group of modifications, he refers to as Modern Prometheus (技術怪獣 (モダン・プロメテウス) Modan Purometeusu?, literally meaning "Technological Monster").

Much like other cyborgs, Edward has developed an alternate form, where his body transforms into a robot-like creature, capable of performing a multitude of unique actions, and further increase his destructive power. In his case, he named this form Brave Paladin Franken Knight (ガラント・パラディン(英雄戦士)「フランケン・ナイト」 Bureibu Paradin "Furanken Naito"?, literally meaning "Hero Warrior Franken Knight").



Stein during his time as a guinea pig.



Stein's Backup System scheme.

Edward has his head equipped with an arsenal of tools that are both meant to be used offensively, defensively or for miscellaneous purposes, like analysis or information gathering.

In his head, Franken has the beginning of one of his most useful, if not the most useful implement of his body, his Backup System (バックアップシステム Bakkuappu Shisutemu?). This term refers to a set of thousands of small wires that are connected to his database and to every nerve he has in his body. In case he is defeated to the point where he cannot fight anymore, his database will receive a signal that will trigger the wires and send electric signals to the nerves, allowing Ed to fight once more. According to him, it is a last resort tool and acts in a similar way to that of an auto-pilot system.



His modified eyes, equipped with scopes.

The first feature ever utilized by Ed after first being released by Jasmine was his scope (スコープ Sukōpu?). This tool is located in his eyes and allows him to target someone, in a matter of seconds access all the information of his database related to said person, and display it in his eyesight. He also has infrared vision, allowing him to detect hidden things and targets.


He also sports a chip attached to his brain that can read electric signals that travel through his head and store that data: to this tool, he refers to as his database (データベース Dētabēsu?).


Until now, Edward has revealed that his ears can stretch, allowing him to position them further away from his body and eavesdrop conversations. They also seem to have a much wider radius of audibility.


Edward seems to be capable of extending his neck.

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  • "Modern Prometheus" is one of the two titles of the novel written by Mary Shelley, the other being "Frankenstein". This follows Edward's theme of doctor Frankenstein's creation.