One Piece - Where Do Devil Fruits Come From?-1593680283

One Piece - Where Do Devil Fruits Come From?-1593680283

The Akumu Akumu no mi is Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allow the user to see one's whole life by making eye contact with the opponent to make any kind of nightmare possible. Ex: If your eating he can make the food that your eating start to eat you. Ex2: He can create a nightmare sword slash which would cause the user to see that but in reality there is none. This Devil Fruit is seriously wanted by the World Government. This was consumed by Leeroy D. Evergreen. *The color and shape is unknown of this fruit*.( The english name for Akumu is Nightmare).

Strength and WeaknessEdit

The Akumu Akumu no mi fruit has alot of strengths and very few serious weaknesses.

  • Nightmare Check: Allows the user to check someones whole life in a sweep by making contact with them.
  • Mild Minipulation: ​​​​​​After eye contact, this move allows the user to use anything he or she has seen to make his opponent move in ways that leave

    The fake sword slash that the Nightmare fruit made

    s oppenings for others to strike. Ex: If the person fought someone who performed a sword slash on them he or she can use that sword slash and act as if its their own leaving the person tricked and leaving an opening.(This can only be performed after doing Nightmare Check).
  • Nightmare Tail: ​​​​​​Allows the user to use anyone he's seen in the person life and trick the opponent into they have been brutally beaten.
    Bld meliods

    Nightmare tail made the opponent see their brother wounded

  • Nigh

    This is what the opponent see's in deep depression

    tmare IntimidateAfter eye contact this moves allows the user use very strong pirates the opponent has encountered in order to intimidate them. (This could work with pirates like Big Mom, Kaido, Whitebeard and etc.)
  • 'Deap Depres'sion: After eye contact this move allows the user to put their opponent inside a dark cocoon where they can see all their loved ones saying awful things to them. The only way to get out of the cocoon is with pure strength.(This is the only move where the user doesn't know whats happening).
  • 'Battle N'ightmare: After eye contact this allows the user to change their apperance temporarily into anyone they've seen in the dream.
  • One Strength that makes the Nightmare Nightmare no mi powerful is that you can't tell if a move is real or not unless you guess.
  • Nightmare sweep: Gives the user the ability to transfer information on what they have seen. (This can only be performed after eye contact and after Nightmare Check).


  •          When the user is looking threw their past his eyes can only see the opponents backstory making it hard to fight and get information at the same time.(This can easily be countered with Observation Haki though).
  • Every time he or she  looks threw someones past, when he comes back from he or  she is done getting information after a while their body gets crippled and numb making it hard to walk.
  • The Akumu Akumu no mi is ineffective on cold blooded people or people who accept reality.(Ex: This has absolutely no effect on Doflamingo or poeple who dont ming killing relatives)
  • The Akumu Akumu no mi can't see ahead of time.
  • This fruit is useless against blind people.(Fujitora)


The Akumu Akumu no mi is moslty used for trickery and most effective on people who have a soft spot for family and dead relatives.

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