Pop Band Pirates
Jolly Roger
Romanized Name: Poppu Bando Paire-tsu
English Name: Pop Band Pirates
First Appearance: N/A
Superiors: Water Zero (Former)
Big Mom Pirates (Former)
Inferiors: Baroque Pop (Former)
Bubblegum Pop (Current)
Operatic Pop (Current)
Power Pop (Current)
Sunshine Pop (Current)
Major Allies: The Marimo Pirates
Major Enemies: No Beard Pirate Army
Goosby Dynasty
Water Zero
Demonym: Pop-Band(s)

The Pop Band Pirates (Poppu Bando Paire-tsu) is a small-time crew of pirates whom are mostly known for their concerts, philanthropies, and the occasional abduction

Crew MembersEdit

Pop Band Pirates
ThoosaMugz RurikoMugz SorayaMugz RikuMugzz WassupMugz
Thoosa Ruriko Fujitani Soraya Tigresa Riku Xanthe Wassup
DecadenMugz MaryMugz CreeperMugz LauraMug HakuMug
Majestic T. Decaden Mary The Creeper Laura Hakuryuu
PierMugz MagnusMugz DomMugz
Piergiorgio Bellugi Magnus Dominique Lazard
Placeholder other Placeholder other
????? ?????

Relationships Amongst The CrewEdit

It should be noted that the Pop Band Pirates have a tendency to seperate into cliques. Though the Pop Band Pirates may be known to socialize as a whole, more often than not their interactions with each other occur within social circles.


Consisting of Thoosa, Ruriko, and then Decaden; the Chains-of-Command are the leaders of the Pop Band Pirates. Thoosa the Captain. Ruriko the Quartermaster. And Decaden the Tactician. Under normal circumstances, all three of them are only together when there is some sort of a crisis.

Perverted TriumvirateEdit

Consisting of Mary, Riku, and Thoosa; the Perverted Triumvirate are the Pop Band Pirates' resident perverts. Whenever they're assembled as such, they're often blatantly ogling people much to those people's chagrin.

Guy-Hunting DuumvirateEdit

Consisting of Mary and Thoosa, is a sub-clique of the Perverted Triumvirate. It focuses upon ogling guys.

Girl-Hunting DuumvirateEdit

Consisting of Riku and Thoosa, is a sub-clique of the Perverted Triumvirate. It focuses upon ogling girls.

Disciplinary TrioEdit

Consisting of Pier, Ruriko, and Riku, the Disciplinary Trio are the keepers of the general peace and the enforcers of the decisions that are made by Thoosa, Ruriko, and or Decaden.



Locations visitedEdit

  1. Tora no Tomarigi
  2. BLANK
  3. Nal-mosiq
  4. BLANK
  5. Dyn'rak
  6. TBC...


  • There is a running gag where each member of the Pop Band Pirates have a tendency to kidnap a specific type of individual.
    • Thoosa - People who aren't Zoan-type Devil Fruit Users.
    • Ruriko - People who she feels aren't living up to their full potential.
    • Soraya - People who are knowledgable of the merfolk.
    • Riku - People who are knowledgeable about his father's whereabouts.
    • Wassup - People who know anything about the World's Finest Guns.
    • Decaden - People who are capable artists.
    • Mary - People who have relationship problems.
    • Creeper - People who know anything about something worth blowing up.
    • Laura - People who know anything about a meitō.
    • Pier - People whom are in possession of technology that is new to him.
    • Magnus - Surprisingly nobody, thus cementing him as the "normal" member of the crew
    • Dom - People whom she considers to be stupid.
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