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Portgas D. Kobo

Age: 13

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: ?
Birthdate: May 4th
Height: 148cm
Weight: ?
Island of Origin: Umi Island
Occupation: Assassin
Epithet: Ironfist

Kaze Pirates

Position: Assassin,
Family: ?

Bounty: first bounty:100,000,000 being the nephew of firefist ace

second bounty:250,000,000 declaring war against the world govermant, destroying a whole marine base,defeating the spitfire and storm rider pirates,and temporarely joining the supreme pirates in fight against nova blade,marcus soarian,subarashii and guddo rakku

Dream: To kill Blackbeard, and meet and fight Luffy


Kobo is a young man of average height with pointy brown hair, brown eyes. He wears a black t-shirt and dark blue pants.



Kobo is a very calm person but easily gets angered. He really hates getting called small, but really cares alot about his friends and hates people who hurt their friends. He doesn't like it when people wear too revealing clothes and will beat people half to death if they soil the name of either his relative, Whitebeard or the name of his friends.

Abilities and Powers

Despite his young age, he is a strong fighter he specializes in close-quarter combat and can easily fight alot of people at once. He mastered haki but not at a high level. He also is a beast tamer being able to get along well with any animal being able to tame the previous ferocious Mimba and making sure Shima and Mimba dont fight which is considered a great feat.

Devil Fruit

He ate the Tetsu Tetsu no Mi which is a Logia-class Devil Fruit which turns him into a tangible form which is hard enough to break bones. He can transform his fist into iron and packs a powerful punch that can extend, which is where his epithet, Ironfist, comes from. He also can blow metal scrap and create a roar of metal. He can also create weapons like spears, sword etc. The iron he produces is 100 times stronger than normal steel and you need haki to cut it, but before that you need to be able to cut normal steel but even stronger. By pointing his finger in a gun like manner he can produce bullets a he can shoot them.