Queen Boxing

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Queen Boxing

Romanized Name: "Queen of Boxing"
English Name: Queen Boxing
Fighting Style Focus:
First Appearance:
Hibiki Sakura One punch girl "Return"-0

Queen Boxing was created by Murasa when she was training her boxing skills and to create a new fighting style. It is a form of boxing where it combines power and technique. This style is all about power and diversion. She has amazing punching power, great defense, decent speed she also throws a lot of hooks, uppercuts, and body blows. She always goes on the offensive with a powerful jab and then throws a combination of hooks and body blows. When she wants to do some serious damage she will use Armament Haki in her fighting style.

Techniques Edit

  • Queen Shuffle: A defensive technique that utilizes the Switch-hitter style. By switching stances and using quick foot work Murasa can not only dodge her opponents attacks but disorient them.
  • Queen's Fist:
  • Queen's Dance
  • Queen's Judgement
  • Purple Heart Counter: A counterattack where Murasa intentionally takes a lot of hits from her opponents and when there's an opening she strikes
  • Lavender Rose

Trivia Edit

  • This boxing style is based on Switch-hitter, Boxer-Puncher, and South-Paw,
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