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Regina Palette

Regina Palette - The Left Shield

Pre-Time Skip Regina Palette

Japanese Name: レジーナパレット
Romanized Name: Rejīna Paretto
English Name: Regina Palette
First Appearance:  ??
Affiliations: Aspara; The Jolly Pirates
Occupations: Princess of Aspara Kingdom;
Co-Captain of Aspara's Royal Guard
Epithet: The Left Shield (左シールド Hidari Shīrudo?)
Japanese VA:  ???
4kids English VA:  ???
Funi English VA:  ???
Age: 22 (Debut)
Birthday:  ??
Height:  ???cm (?'?")
strong points:

Regina Palette (レジーナパレット Rejīna Paretto) is the daughter of the current queen of Aspara, Regina Marble; as well as the current placeholder as the "Left Shield," one of two co-captains of Aspara's royal guard. Her partner and fellow co-captain being Shinju, the "Right Shield." Due to her position as Marble's daughter, she is also the princess of Aspara. As a result of this, Palette is a well respected citizen of the kingdom and an ally of The Jolly Pirates. Additionally, she appears to be a skillful practitioner of a sword fighting style passed down among the upper elite of Asparan society. She has also gained a reputation among the island as being highly desirable due to her looks and status in the kingdom.


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  • Regina Palette's last name was derived from the latin word "regina," meaning queen. A reference towards her mother's status as queen of Aspara.
    • Additionally, her first name is taken from "palette," which is a portable white board in which painters use to switch between colors. Like her mother's first name, this refers to Palette's artistic homeland and her white hair.

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