Japanese Name: 霊山森
Romanized Name: Reizanshin
English Name: Reizanshin
Literal Meaning: The Sacred Forest among the Mountains
Owner(s): K.O. Rogue
Grade: Saijo O Wazamono
Weapon type: Long sword
First Appearance: Fanon

Reizanshin is a very powerful katana owned by K.O. Rogue, the swordsman and lookout of the Wild Pirates. The sword is a Saijo O Wazamono, meaning it is both one of the twelve strongest swords in the world and that it is cursed (it is stated that those that wield it will suffer horrible deaths). It formerly belonged to Rogue's master, but was handed down to him after he passed away.


Reizanshin resembles a normal katana. It has a cross guard shaped like an oval, with some floral patterns. The sword's hilt is black and has several gold details. The handle is dark red and slightly curved. The sheath of the sword is blue with a dark wave pattern.

The sword's blade is quite sharp, as Rogue spends most of his time treating it.


Just like a flower that is not watered, a sword shall wilt if you don't tend to it...
— Rogue's belief.

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K.O. Rogue slicing through flames.