Japanese Name: ミチバシリ
Romanized Name: Michibashiri
English Name: Roadrunner
Literal Meaning: Roadrunner
Owner(s): Christina
Weapon type: Long-rangen rifle
First Appearance: Fanon

The Roadrunner is the weapon of choice of the Wild Pirates' sniper, Christina. It was built by her father, Billy Bob, the sheriff of Coyote Rock, a town located in Lasso Island.


Roadrunner is a rifle, dark in color, but decorated by intricate, spiraling motifs over its stock and central part. As noted when Christina fights or uses the gun, Roadrunner works through pump-action.

Battle UsesEdit

Main article: Wild Crossfire

Christina shooting a target from far away.

Unlike a traditional rifle, Roadrunner's bullets and ammunition is Dial-based, meaning each type of bullet she can shoot allows Christina to obtain different effects and outcomes when she attacks her opponents.

To this unique combination of ammo and the usage of her rifle in different ways, Christina refers to as her "Wild Crossfire" (ワイルド・クロスファイア Wairudo Kurosufaia?).