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Roronoa Mason, also called "Red Coat", is the founder and captain of the extraordinarily dangerous Undertaker Pirates . His current goal is to aid someone in becoming the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Gol D. Roger. He has no desire to become the Pirate King himself he only wants to help Roger pass on the mantle. 

Mason is a distant ancestor of Roronoa Zoro and sworn son of Whitebeard, even though Whitebeard was centuries younger than him. While with the Whitebeard pirates he was the 0th division commander and worked often alongside Portagas D. Ace . After Ace's and Whitebeard's deaths at the Marineford War , Mason founded the Undertaker crew with members of the 0th Division in order to find a new people to help. 


Mason has long, messy white hair cut in a single strip down the center of his head. His eyes are the color of wet blood with specks of gold. He has broad shoulders with a slim muscular build. He wears a large red captains coat and a black wide brimmed hat. His arms, chest, and neck have nordic tattoos on them. On his face are three long scars: two leading from the sides of his mouth that he got from Akainu during his time in Impel Down and a third one on the left side of his face by his ear that leads down his neck from an unknown origion. Across his back are 16 whip scars he received from chief warden Magellan while in Impel Down. 

In his ears are 2 piercings through the earlobe on the left one and a single on the right with black diamond shaped studs. The top cartilage of his right ear is also pierced twice with black hoops.

He is missing his left hand and in place of it is a metal one designed from the chains and hooks of the Fukku Fukku no Mi.


Mason's personality is very relaxed under most situations. He is very easy going with people that don't annoy him. When he is annoyed however he will begin yelling at anyone who simply talks to him. He doesn't care much for what his crew does as long as they don't get themselves killed. He enjoys making new friends with people as long as they give him enough respect and yet he has a peeve for people who give him lots of respect. During battle he has two emotions: calm and composed or estastic joy at a good fight. 

Mason is known to "play on both sides of the field". He doesn't care much for gender but his tastes in men and women are different. He prefers men that can stand up for themselves but aren't full of themselves and have a softer side. With women he prefers that they are strong in both body and character.

Mason has a hard time understanding emotions of others sometimes as he is a clinical psychopath. He can only understand 7 emotions: joy, calmness, rage, hate, sadness, love, and will. all other emotions are lost on him. However, he is extremely curious at what some emotions such as greed, disgust, and fear feel like.

He has a unique laugh: Yahahaha.


Whitebeard Pirates[]

Mason has been a member of the Whitebeard Pirates since 2 years after Gold Rogers execution. After he escaped Impel Dowm, Whitebeard took him into the crew since Mason and Kozuki Oden had been friends in the past. 

Undertaker Pirates[]

Mason has a very good relationship with his men (and women). He treats them equally and makes sure that all of them are doing well. 

Abilities and Powers[]

Physical Abilities[]


Roronoa Mason cannot feel pain. He has taken so much pain from things such as dragon fire, poison, and whippings that all pain not longer enffects him.

Speed and Strength[]

Mason is extremely fast, able to keep up with minks in races. He often loses these races but always loses by only a hair. His strength normally is fairly high, with it being on par with a good swordsman. However, when he is using the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Oni his strength is multiplied a thousand fold, enough to beat Whitebeard into submission.


Mason weilds a two handed axe named Hametsu ha. While it is a fine grade weapon (unknown if it is supreme or great grade), no one has been able to handle it like Mason. Mason has claimed he can "hear the blade speaking to him sometimes " but so far no one else has heard this. 

Devil Fruit Powers[]

Akuma Akuma no Mi[]

This is the most important of Masons devil fruits. This devil fruit has been seen to give Mason two powers which he uses extensively: tracking and usage of other devil fruits. The first power allows him to track down and identify any devil fruit with the exception of Mythical Zoans  and Artificial Zoans. The second allows him to have 3 devil fruit powers in addition to it but has been rumored to allow up to 5. Also, Mason can still swim but Seastone still has sway over him.

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Oni[]

This fruit Mason uses mainly just for rampaging when collateral damage is low and he just needs to ruin large areas of land/buildings.

Fukku Fukku no Mi[]

Masons second favorite fruit to use. He uses this mostly to tie things down using the hooks and chains. After his lost his arm to Marco in an arguement, marco healed the wound and Mason uses the metal to form a new hand that he can control. When his is asleep, the chains and hooks retract into his arm.

Napāmu Napāmu no Mi[]

Masons favorite devil fruit and only Logia . This is a Special Logia because while it is an unatural element, his body can transform into it. Its not a Special Paramecia like Charlotte Katakuris Mochi Mochi no Mi because it is still susceptible to Haki. Mason uses this one the most out of all of his because his finds it a lot of fun to lob liquid fire at people. 


Roronoa Mason can use all three forms of Haki but prefers not to unless he is fighting a Logia user.


Roronoa Mason was born 257 years ago on an unknown island in the West Blue. Anything else about his past is unknown besides two major things. The first is that he came into conact with the user of the Seikatsu Seikatsu no Mi who passed on the power (without his permission) of living forever to Mason. While Mason cannot pass on this ability, he also cannot die. The second is that he had a son and a daughter with an unknown woman descended from Shimotsuki Ryuma

At age 57(still looking like 39) Mason found the Akuma Akuma no Mi in an ancient cave system on Wano. He had never seen the fruit before but ate it anyway out of curiousity. Afterwards he was told by an old man on Wano that he had eaten "the true ultimate devil fruit" and explained to him what was known about. Before Mason left Wano the man told him to keep the fruit a secret because he would "be in constant danger if word got out". 

At age 93, Mason found and ate the mythical Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Oni after he found it on Ohara in the West Blue. 3 months later he ate the Fukku Fukku no Mi after it was given to him on Tequila Wolf while in hiding. It is unknown if this was purposely done or an accident. 

On his 100th birthday, Mason found the Napāmu Napāmu no Mi on Rubeck Island. Apparently, this fruit tasted quite good. 

When he was 200, the World Government discovered his abilities and began attempting to secretly track him down. His official bounty was posted at a simple [1]250,000,000 while the Marines secretly were aware that his true bounty was [2]9.8 billion. Anyone who captured him within the Marines would become a Vice Admiral if not already in addition to the money. Otherwise they would be promoted 1 rank up.

At some point within 5-10 years before Rogers execution, Mason journeyed back to Wano and met Kozuki Oden. They shared drinks and for a time journeyed around. Then Mason went back on the run.

3 years before Rogers execution, Mason accidentally passed out on the beach of Impel Down. He was put in the 7th level of Impel Down: Complete Isolation. On the entire level he was the only person, chained to the wall with Seastone. Through the abilites of the Seikatsu Seikatsu no Mi he didn't need food but he was horribly lonely. After about a year of complete isolation he began to hear a voice. His constant whacking of his head on the wall behind him had made a crack into an old ventilation duct. He could hear someone talking levels above him. He cried out hoping that someone could hear him and got a response. He could hear two voices coming from level 5: Freezing Hell. Every day after that they would talk to keep each other company. The day of Gol D. Rogers execution, the people in level 5 told him about his last words. Mason resolved to break out and help the next person achieve that dream. 

3 months later, one of the voices stopped talking. The other told him that he had contracted a lung infection and died. 1 year later, the final voice stopped speaking. 

2 years after Rogers execution, the shackle on his right leg broke. This abscense of seastone, no matter how small, was enough for Mason to partial activate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Oni and Napāmu Napāmu no Mi to shatter the chains completely. He then got into the ventilation duct and crawled up into the 5th level. Thru the crack he could see two bodies on the ground, frozen and dead but looking warmly at the crack. In the closest ones hand there was a note which Mason reached through the crack to grab.  The note stated "Good luck out there Mason". With tears in his eyes he began the climb again. He broke out through a ventilation duct on the right side of the building to a great sight.

Impel Down was under atttack by the Revolutionary Army. During the commotion, Mason slipped down and jumped into a Revolutionary ship. He snuck into the hold and held out until the Army retreated. Once safely out to sea, Mason jumped ship and began floating away with a raft that he made from planks and rope that he "borrowed". He fell asleep and woke up on another ship. 

The ship was the Moby Dick , captained by Whitebeard. Here Mason learned of Oden's death and the current state of the world. Mason pledged his allegiance to Whitebeard and joined his crew.

3 years after joining Whitebeards crew, Mason created the 0th division in order to have a covert group. It was comprised of Mason and 5 others which were the best assassins from the crew. They carried out missions that needed to be done secretly and quietly so as to not bring attention to the rest of the crew. This group consisted of Mason, Razor, Rosa Lee, Blue, Tomoe, and Akechi.

After the Marineford War, 0th division became the Undertaker pirates and set out to sea. Along the way they recruited 3 new people: Lix, Shizuka, and Frysta. Of the crew, all can use Haki besides Blue and everyone is a devil fruit user besides Rosa Lee and Frysta. 

He got his three nicknames for three different parts of his person. "Red Coat" was a nickname given to him because of the dark red captains coat he wears. "Tactical Genius" was given to him because of his extreme military intelligence. "World Ender" was given to him because how powerful the Akuma Akuma no Mi is.

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