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Rose Venus

Post-Time Skip Rose Venus

Rose Venus

Japanese Name: ローズヴィーナス
Romanized Name: Rōzu Vu~īnasu
English Name: Rose Venus
First Appearance:  ???
Affiliations:  ??
Occupations: Martial Artist
Epithet: Chrissy (クリッシー Kurisshī?)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:  ???
Age: 34 (Debut)
36 (after timeskip)
Birthday:  ??
Height:  ???cm (?'?")
strong points:

Rose Venus (ローズヴィーナス Rōzu Vu~īnasu) is the surrogate mother of Rose Glory and her martial arts teacher. Having already lost a daughter at a young age, Venus was perfectly willing to adopt young Glory into her family, and treat her as her own daughter.

Venus is sometimes referred to as Chrissy (クリッシー Kurisshī,) as a way to shorten her nickname, "Christmas Cake" (a Japanese way of describing an old maid, or a woman past 25 years old who can't seem to get married.) This is largely due to Venus' inability to marry any man she meets for one reason or another. Aside from this downside to her marital status, she had at one point been known to be involved with a Shandian Exile to some degree, and thus learned a little of the race and their ways. Being a martial artist, she was able to pry information regarding Shandian Jujitsu out of her friend, which she would later pass down only to her daughter, Rose Glory.


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  • Rose Venus' full name comes from two plants. One being a rose, which symbolizes love and beauty, and the venus flytrap; a plant that devours flies.
    • Venus' name could also be based on the planet, Venus; long believed to be associated with women. In contrast, Mars tends to be affiliated with men.

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