Ryu Nakuma is a young boy who recently became a pirate and formed a crew named the Crisome Flame Pirates

At a young age he was trained by a martial arts master along with other students in a dojo his older sister was commonly his sort of encouragement she was the strongest student in the dojo and could even defeat fully grown adults with ease he has always wants to sail the seas to repay the man who killed his father when he was just an infant but his sister hated pirates in all there glory but she was old enough at the time to remember what happened and to remember how grusommly the pirates killed there father she went on to become a marine vice admiral leaving Ryu a few years before he begins his journey which only fed his desire to become a pirate


Ryu is a straight forward and brave boy.He usually has a serious aura around him due to the stricking color of his eyes making him always looking serious.Which is why most is surprised to find out that he is a very active sense of humor.


Ryu is a slim well build teenage boy.He has slight spiky brown hair that stands up and dark orange eyes which becomes red when his devil fruit is in use.He normally wears a dress shirt with a black vest over it plus khaki pants and white snickers.

During the 2 year timeskip he seems to have went through a growth spurt he has died his hair light yellow and has let it grow he nows wears a black suit and leather cape that acts as a sheild in some cases and is made of fabric that can absorb powerful attacks

Ryu Nakuma Skip

Ryu after the timeskip wearing his gloves


Ryu possesses the Keru Keru no Mi which allows him to increase his body heat at will which is meant to melt objects on contact

But he later harnesses it's power using special gloves called combat gloves it converts high levels of body heat into large powerful flames which can be exerted from the glove


Escape From Vice-Admiral Ikuna!

Escape From Vice-Admiral Ikuna! Part 2

1...2...3 Die!


Kura LionoEdit

Ryu once admired Kura as his hero and since she joined the crew sees her as a close friend and likes Baki always jokes about Ryu seems to have feelings for Kura at certain moments


Ryu normally acts as if Baki was his older brother and he was his younger brother and it is pointed out by many people that are outside there crew

Major BattlesEdit

  • Ryu vs Vice-Admiral Ikuna

Bounty HistoryEdit

First bounty:40,000

Reason:For escaping from and defeating vice-admiral Ikuna