Ryusen Shisu

  • pre time-skip
  • post time-skip
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: ?
Birthdate: 4th May
Height: 178 cm
Weight: ?
Island of Origin: Whirlwind Village
Occupation: Swordsman, Martial artist
Epithet: The Dragonhunter

Kaze Pirates

Position: Swordsman, 3rd position
Family: ?

Bounty: first bounty: 75,000,000 destroying a whole marine base

second bounty: 150,000,000 defeating killer of the kidd pirates

third bounty: 350,000,000 defeating the whole storm rider and spitfire pirates along with his crew and declaring war to the world goverment

fourh bounty: 450,000,000 temporarely joining the supreme pirates in fight against nova blade,marcus soarian,subarashii and guddo rakku

Dream: To find the DF tree


Ryusen is average in height and weight. He has long brown hair reaching his shoulders. He has brown eyes. He wears a black sleaveless T-shirt under a white buttoned T-shirt and wears dark red tight pants.


Ryusen has a calm personality. Doesn't really like making friends never really opens up to anybody. Will jump into battle without hesitation, loves fighting but only when needed. Sees people who consume an Devil fruit cheaters. He dreams of one day to find the devil fruit tree. And sometimes, he pushes an ability user into the water by"accident".

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ryusen is a martial artist and swordsman, but only uses his katana Tatsumaki when needed. Ryusen is an accomplished martial artist and swordsman and prefers kick-based attacks. His sword Tatsumaki gained its name by blowing a whirlwind away with one swing of the still sheated sword.He posseses super-human strength, being able to throw whole buildings at an opponent. Also posseses super-human speed to such lengths that he can keep up with most opponenys. He also mastered all kind of haki.He's master of Infinite-sword style which utilizes one to 50 swords at once.