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Ryuuzan Tenjousaku
Japanese Name: 流産 天井咲く
Romanized Name: Ryuuzan Tenjousaku
English Name: Ryuuzan Tenjousaku
Literal Meaning: Dragon Meteor that blooms in the Heavens
Price: Unknown
Owner(s): Guddo Rakku
Grade: Saijo O Wazamono
Weapon type: Long sword


Ryuuzan Tenjousaku (lit. Dragon Meteor that blooms in the Heavens) is a 45 1/2 in (3 ft 9 1/2 in) long and unusually heavy (about 13 lb) black katana with a 2 ft 5 1/4 in long blade and a 1 1/3 ft long handle,

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ryuuzan Tenjousaku is on par with the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono Grade Swords, the highest quality swords in the world. Rakku mainly uses this sword for combat and this sword has "consumed" the Tatsu Tatsu no Mi: Model Earthland Dragon. Legends have said that this blade is forged from a tooth of a slayed dragon. Ironically, this sword ate a Mythical Zoan devil fruit that transformed it into a dragon. Rakku nicknames his sword/ dragon Ryuuzan.

Ryuuzan can light itself on fire by breathing fire onto itself in all of its three Zoan forms. The sword is incredibly durable and sharp and it is designed to break and cut through any weapon. The material orginally used to be almost as tough as seastone but after consuming a devil fruit, now it is hard as seastone. It can also behave as a whip when it is in its dragon-hybrid mode since it could change its blade into a tail.

Since this weapon "ate" a Zoan Devil Fruit, it has no consciousness other than its urge to kill and eat and would only obey being that it sees as its equal or higher level. Upon Ryuuzan's first meeting with Rakku, he would refuse to obey Rakku and stay in its Dragon form until it falls asleep and transform back into its sword form. As time passes and with the help of food encouraging positive behavior, Ryuuzan would obey Rakku most of the time and assist him in battle; however, the quality and quantity of his assistance depends on his mood at the time.

Rakku can also ride on Ryuuzan for travel on air but unfortunately, Rakku can not fly overseas or from island to island since Ryuuzan completely refuses to fly over waters due its intense fear of falling and drowning in the ocean which really frustrates Rakku; however, Ryuuzan can still fly over lakes and around the island and assist Rakku in windsurfing by acting as a surfboard with wings in the air. While Ryuuzan is hard as seastone, whenever he collides with seastone in any of his 3 forms in battle, he would growl loudly as he hates the feeling of weakness upon touching it.