Sabakuno Village
Japanese Name: サバクノ村
Romanized Name: Sabakuno-mura
English Name: Sabakuno Village
First Appearance: Fanon
Region: Grand Line
Type: Summer Island

The Sabakuno Village (サバクノ村 Sabakuno-mura?) is a village in a desert island, and is the homeland of Jasmine. It is known for its doctors and the techniques the villagers use to cure diseases.


The Sabakuno Village is known for its advances in medicine, effective remedies and dedicated health professionals.

Several years prior to the start of the series, the village was a prosper kingdom, that was known as the Sunakuni Kingdom. However, due to its location, the kingdom was constantly attacked by giant snakes, that tried to destroy its walls. The only measure the people had to counter these attacks were the queen and princess, that could perform a legendary dance that, with its hypnotic movements, would tame the beasts and make them leave. After the death of the princess and queen, the kingdom found itself lost, with no method of avoiding the attacks, and throughout the years, it fell, until after nothing remained, the village was built. It also seems that the species of snake that attacked the Sunakuni Kingdom no longer exists.


Major LocationsEdit


Desert Hospital.

  • The Sabaku no Byoin (砂漠の病院 Sabaku no Byōin?, literally meaning "Desert Hospital") is a famed hospital from the region. It utilizes ancient techniques, that have proven to be the most effective against the illnesses, diseases and conditions the citizens of the deserts present.



Sabakuno Village


  • The name of the village is a pun of "Sabaku no mura", meaning "Village in the desert".