Sado Sado no Mi
Japanese Name: サドサドの実
English Name: Grit-Grit Fruit
Meaning: Sand
First Appearance: Fanon
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Sara

The Sado Sado no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows its user to create and control sand, making him a Desert Human (砂漠人間 Sabaku Ningen?).

Not to be confused with a Logia-type, the fruit cannot turn the user into sand itself. "Sado" (砂土) is a Japanese word meaning "sand", but the name of the fruit can also come from "Sando" (サンド), with the same meaning.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



Sara breathes a sandstorm.

Sara's Sado Sado no Mi gives her the ability to control, shape and manipulate sand to her advantage. She can select to control the density of her sand by setting up the sand grains either closer together or further apart, respectively increasing and decreasing the thickness of the body of grit.

As mentioned previously, Sara is capable of shaping sand in a variety of forms for different purposes. Such sand is either gathered from the surrounding environment or even produced from her own body, allowing for an infinite source of the element.


As seen during her matches, Sara is sensitive to fire, as she can apparently feel physical pain when in touch with flames. It can also turn sand into glass, rendering her attacks useless. Cold attacks may freeze sand solid into bodies of ice.

She also suffers from the regular Devil Fruit weaknesses.


During the course of the series, Sara has demonstrated a variety of uses for her fruit. She was capable of generating pits of quicksand, by decreasing the density of the sand below her targets drastically. She was capable of trapping her opponents inside coffin-like structures and compress the sand to the point where it crushes them inside.

When trapped with ropes, Sara had the ability to make the rope give in by tearing it with very sharp sand grains. By manipulating the shape of every single grain of grit, she can sharpen her constructs or make them blunt, the latter being more used for distraction tactics. In order to further increase the power of her individual attacks, Sara can coat her body with sand. She was also seen creating walls of compressed sand that could stop incoming attacks in their trajectory, as well as stop throwing weapons or bullets.

Lastly, the sand generated from her body, as well as the one existing in her battlefield, can be tightened into small spheres, roughly the size of bullets, and shot, creating streams of crossfire that can injure multiple targets with great speed.


  • Duna Cane (砂川 「柱」 (ドゥナ・カネ) Duna Kane?, literally meaning "Sand River Pillar"):
  • Duna Circling (砂川 「嵐雲」 (ドゥナ・サークリング) Duna Sākuringu?, literally meaning "Sand River Storm Cloud"):
  • Duna (砂川 「」 (ドゥナ・) Duna ?, literally meaning "Sand River "):
  • Duna (砂川 「」 (ドゥナ・) Duna ?, literally meaning "Sand River "):
  • Duna Rapidos (砂川 「瀬」 (ドゥナ・ラピッドス) Duna Rapiddosu?, literally meaning "Sand River Torrent"):
  • Duna (砂川 「」 (ドゥナ・) Duna ?, literally meaning "Sand River "):
  • Duna (砂川 「」 (ドゥナ・) Duna ?, literally meaning "Sand River "):
  • Duna Mirror (砂川 「盾」 (ドゥナ・ラー) Duna Mirā?, literally meaning "Sand River Shield"):
  • Duna (砂川 「」 (ドゥナ・) Duna ?, literally meaning "Sand River "):
  • Duna Escudo (砂川 「壁」 (ドゥナ・エスクード) Duna Esukūdo?, literally meaning "Sand River Great Wall"):