Sakasa Nitoryu
Japanese Name: 逆さ 二刀流
Romanized Name: Sakasa Nitōryū
Official English Name: Reverse Two Swords Style
Literal Meaning: Reverse Two Sword/Blade Style
Debut: Chapter 5; Episode 19[1]
User(s): Reina Himajo


Introduce to us how epic, fast, strong is this fighting skill!


Reina first began to develop this style in her youth before she became a pirate. She noticed that the way the local snake population would strike allowed them to pull their prey closer. She stole two katanas from two drunk marines and began training to use them with a reverse grip.

????? StyleEdit

Tell us all about this awesome fighting style! Remember! Details, Details, Details.

and don't forget to describe how the attacks work. More powerful? Faster? Wider range?


  • Kiba Uzu (牙の渦, Fang Whirl) Reina holds her katanas with the blades facing to the ground before performing a counterclockwise swing as she charges towards the target
  • Sakasa Washi Tsume (逆さ ワシ 爪 Reverse Eagle Claws)
  • Gyaku Nigiri (逆さ弐斬り, Reverse Two Cutter) Reina holds her two swords in front of her with their pommels touching, this is a requirement to perform; Denka O Egao, Joumyaku and Nagare
    • Denka o Egao (電荷を笑顔, Smiling Charge)
    • Joumyaku (静脈, Vein)
    • Nagare (流れ, Flow)
  • Dokuryu Iai: Yakeru (毒竜 「居合」 :  焼ける, Poison Dragon: Ignite) Reina holds her swords and arms in an X shape as she leaps into the target and entrapping them in the middle of the X before sheathing her swords which results in the target bursting into purple flames. When she performs this technique, a silhouette of a Catalan Drac appears behind her
  • Sakasa Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon (逆さ二刀流 「居合」 羅生門 Reverse Nitōryū Iai: Rashōmon
  • Hachijuroku Pound Ho (八十六 煩悩ポンド鳳, kanji meaning "Feng of 86 Kleshas"; furigana meaning "86 Pound Phoenix/Cannon" Holding her two swords diagonally above the shoulder, Reina then performs a circular swing that launches two air compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target

Post Time Skip AttacksEdit

  • Happyakurokuju Pound Ho(八百六十煩悩ポンド鳳, "Feng of 860 Kleshas"; furigana meaning "860 Pound Phoenix/Cannon) A more powerful version of the 86 pound cannon performed the same way as the lesser version
  • Gyaku Nigiri: Dokuryu Iai Uzu(逆さ弐斬り毒竜 「居合」渦, Reverse Two Cutter: Poison Dragon Vortex) A combination of Dokuryu Iai: Yakeru and Kiba Uzu. Reina holds her swords facing the ground, behind her back before spinning rapidly counterclockwise towards her target, igniting her arms from the friction and slashing the target with a clockwise swing, sheathing her swords.Just like one of its two components Dokuryu Iai, Reina is shadowed by a Catalan Drac
  • Gyaku Nigiri: Nagashi Joumyaku Denka(逆さ弐斬り, Reverse Two Cutter: Flowing Vein Charge)

Sakasa IttoryuEdit

Another style within this style like if you want!


  • Attack #1: BAM!!!
  • Attack #2: SPLAT!!!
  • Super Attack #1: CRACK!!!!
  • Ultimate Attack #1: NUTCRACKER!!!!!

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