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Sakura Sakura no Mi

Custap Berry .png
Japanese Name: Sakura Sakura no Mi

(japanese kanji) 桜桜の実

English Name: Sakura Sakura Fruit
Meaning: Cherry Blossoms


Power: To become Sakura petals and regenerate any part of ones body.
Eaten By: Arukas
Story / Creator: KrakenKing


This lets the user become Sakura petals. Also this gives the user the ability to become human again. Body parts can be regenerated separately. Even if one's limb is cut off, it will either turn to sakura petals or retain its form as sakura on the part were it was severed.


This can be used to attack to the opponent using sakura. By sharpening them one can puncture the opponents body. Also one can beat up the opponent just by using sakura leaves.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Also the users body is more flammable and can burn faster. Fire is twice as dangerous to the user.


  • Winters Storm: When Sakura leaves spin around the opponent making it impossible for him/her to see.
  • Springs Bloom: Where Sakura leaves will take a specific shape this is good because it can become weapons.
  • Summers Heat: Where Sakura leaves sharpen making the user into a human porcupine (simile) and making other moves more deadly.
  • Fall Rising: Where Sakura leaves carry one self and can drop a person at any time this lets the user fly to be precise.


  • All the attacks are named after seasons.