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Seirei Seirei no Mi, Model: Sylph is the property of Kai De Avalon.

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The Devil Fruit

Seirei Seirei no Mi, Model: Sylph
Kai Full Sylph Form.jpg
Japanese Romanji: Seirei Seirei no Mi, Moderu: Sylph
Japanese Kanji: 精霊精霊の実,モデル:空気の精
English Name: Spirit Spirit Fruit, Model: Sylph
Meaning: Spirit
Type: Mythical Zoan
Power: To transform in a mythological incorporeal air spirit.
Eaten By: Kai De Avalon
Creator: Kai-De-Avalon


The Seirei Seirei no Mi: Model Sylph is a Mythical Zoan Type Devil Fruit. The power of this Devil Fuit is to allow the user to transform between a human, a human-sylph hybrid and a full sylph. The user also gains all the abilites of a sylph.

A Sylph is an elemental of Air that is the incorporeal manifestation of the element. As such it as complete control of its element.


The Devil Fruit itself looked like a white 'Kiwano Melon' colour white with small white swirls surrounding the spikes on the rind.

Seirei Seirei no Mi, Model: Sylph


The Devil Fruit was orignally discovered by an unknown pirate crew in the New World. The crew knowing of the vast fortune they could gain by selling the fruit brought to an island to be sold at auction. A representative of a Celestial Dragon (Tenryuubito ) who was a collector of devil fruits, amongst other things. This Celestial Dragon force a slave of his, Kai De Avalon , to eat the fruit to increase his combat ability and make the gladiatorial style death matches the slave was forced to fight in more amusing. The slave later escape the clutches of the Celestial Dragon and became famous as Captain of The Seraph Pirates .


  • When the fruit's abilities are active in either the full or half state the user becomes an invisible or visible incorporeal spirit of air (growing four wings in full Sylph form) and as such loses the ability to be harmed by normal weapons and attacks.
  • The user also gains the ability to control air around them as a spirit of the air. This allows the user absolute masterty over the air around them to create a wide variety of effects.
  • When in human form the user is able manipulate and sense air to a much lesser extent than when transformed, the sensory range being limited to motion of the air for ten meters around themself.


  • The user suffers from standard Devil Fuit Weaknesses.
  • The user is unable to access many of the active techniques of the devil fruit without transforming into the full or half sylph form.
  • The user can still be burned or frozen by extremely strong sources of heat or cold (i.e. some fool with a big candle or a glass of ice cubes would not be sufficient) whilst in the Sylph or Half Sylph forms.


  • The powers of the Devil Fuit are also occasionally used by Kai to assist in navigation, providing a favourable wind when there is none to be found.

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