Shabo Shabo no Mi


The Shabo Shabo no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become bubbles. It was eaten by Maven Scared


The user gains the ability to turn to bubbles and manipulate bubbles. By becoming bubbles the user can avoid any attacks since they would phase straight through him. A weakness unique to this Devil Fruit is that since the user turns to several bubbles with properties of saboady archipelago bubbles, if all the bubbles are captured or popped somehow the user can be defeated. A strength of the fruit is that the user can create bubbles of various sizes and store things inside them. This can range from water and clouds to people and tornadoes. The user can also ' fly ' by increasing the amount of air in their bubbles and floating. They can also make balloon like objects with the same technique. Another major strength is that although the bubbles can be penetrated from the outside in, nothing can get out. This enables the user to create 'bubble' bombs by allowing massive tonnes of air into a bubble without allowing it to escape. then throwing them


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