Shachi Kuro

Shun kakei 19665
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Merman
Blood type: ?
Height: 333 cm
Weight: ?
Island of Origin: Fishman Island
Occupation: Shipwright
Epithet: The Black Whale

Kaze Pirates

Position: Shipwright
Family: ?

Bounty: first bounty: 75,000,000 destroying a whole marine base

second bounty: 349,000,000 defeating the storm rider and spitfire pirates

third bounty:4 49,000,000 temporarely joining the supreme pirates in fight against nova blade,marcus soarian,subarashii and guddo rakku

Dream: To meet Jinbe and beat him in a fight.


Shachi is a big muscular Orca Merma. He mostly doesn't wear anything except than his blue jeans but when in a warm or cold climate, he wears something different.


Shachi is a Merman of full of great pride and honor. Despite his pride, Shachi appears to put his priorities and principles over his honor, and is not above retreating from an otherwise unfinished battle (even being shamed or openly mocked by an opponent) if it meant for the greater good. While he is a merman with great emotional control, he is empathetic, and understanding of the pains of others. He doesnt get along well with oringo and ryusen which often result in fights that get stopped by the captain or navigator.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shachi is a strong Merman. He can easily beat multiple opponents at once and just like Jinbe. He doesn't need to make physical contact to beat an opponent and he can communicate with marine life. He fought on equal terms with Ryusen when they met and Shiro mentioned that the fight would take several days before a victor will emerge. His use of haki is proved when he wounded Shiro.