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Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Blood type: O+
Height: 5 ft 9
Island of Origin: Jaya
Occupation: Cook
Epithet: Force Back

Masked Pirates

Position: Cook


Dream: Make a statement for female pirates

"Force Back" Sharon is the cook of the Masked Pirates and is the only female member of the crew thus far.


Sharon has red hair that flows down her back, and is usually seen wearing white. She has a slight tan, and white teeth. She is sometimes seen with a knife.


Sharon is hot headed and is normaly found getting on to people for doubting women pirates. She can normally stay calm, but will go off at unexpected times.

Abilities and powersEdit

Physical PowersEdit

Sharon shows superhuman strength and speed, and is known to break through thick stone walls, and the ground beneath her.


Sharon is seen sometimes using a knife.

Devil FruitsEdit

Sharon has not eaten any devil fruits.


Sharon knows about haki and knows how to attack with it, but has little knowledge of sensing where people are or commanding them. With her superhuman strength and haki, she is overly powerful and is known to end a fight early.



Sharon was born on Jaya, and after working in her parents bar, had to learn to stop bar fights quickly. At a young age she learned how to use haki to break up fights, and after a lot of tourmant for being a strong girl, she got stronger. After being in a bar fight with the masked pirates, herself, and shango against a well known pirate crew, she got her first bounty and joined the masked pirates.

After sailing to Water 7, the masked pirates then got attacked by a whord of bounty hunters. After Soarian battled Bennigan, he joined the crew.

The Crew then sailed to Arabasta and defeated the Blackout Gang. Then they met Romulous, and later, he joins the crew.


"You think a girl can't be a good pirate!? I'll show you how wrong you are! NOW COME HERE AND LET ME KILL YOU!" ~Sharon


  • Sharon's red hair and personality symbolizes her hot headedness.
  • Sharon doesn't wear any of Soarian's masks, but will secretly ask to be a mermaid while taking a bath or shower.
  • Sharon and Arilius don't get along very much while Arilius spouts out Sharon's secrets and she would threaten to kill him.

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