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Devil Fruit Name

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Japanese Name: 振動振動の実
English Name: Vibrate Vibrate Fruit
Meaning: To Vibrate


Power: To create vibration for combat.
Eaten By: Lucas Kyomasa
Story / Creator: Yaminogaijin (handed over from Generalzer0)

The Shindo Shindo no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit.


The Shindo Shindo no Mi looks like a red cherry with black dots.


the user is able of making any part of his body cause vibrations when that happens the users hand shake and start to charge a vibration the effect of a direct hit could feel like an impact dial from skypie though it can cause much more damage such as shatter bones


the devil fruit does not increase the speed or the strength of the user


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • vibration charge: the user charges a vibration in his hand or leg
  • bone breaker vibration: the user unleashes the charged vibration at his enemy and shatters a few of his bones
  • vibrating body: the users entire body becomes a powerfull vibration which can instantly kill an enemy
  • vibration impact: the user unleashes an impact of a vibration on his opponent


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