Shinoki is an island were The North Pirates are from..Not much is known about this island,only that the crew met there and start their begining at a bar..


Its an island in the North Blue. Also there, the 24th Marine Branch is located.


11 years ago Jakuro's dad had a bar in his hometown.. Jakuro stayed there all the times as he didnt have any friends.. One day there were no costumers there.. It was only Jakuro and his dad talking inside the bar.. Then a Pirate comes inside with his crew and destroys the place demanding to give them this bar as a hideout. Jakuro's dad grabbed his rifle and shot the pirate in his shoulder. The Pirate named Kivi had a bounty of 13,000,000. Kivi was on the ground while a member of his, ran and stabbed Jakuro's dad in the heart..Jakuro stared at them and didnt do anything.. Kivi laughing threw his dad outside the bar and looked at Jakuro.. One of his member brought to the table the Devil Fruit they found in an abandoned ship. A child rushed inside the bar and landed on Kivi's legs. He got up and screamed.. Kivi grabbed his neck and raised him up. He smacked him to the wall and sat down on a chair.. The child eventually got up and stared at him like a crazy person.. He was walking towards him but he looked in the table and he saw the Devil Fruit.. He grabbed it and bite it. All of Kivi's member were screaming and they chased the little boy inside the bar.. The child eventually started growing wings and flew to the ceiling.. They were all amazed.. The boy rushed and grabbed Jakuro and got away from there.. They got on a hill as the boy introduced himself: Moxx..

The two kids had great times. Jakuro was 14 now and Moxx was 13.. They had a lot of adventures daily. One day Kivi after 3 years came back with his arm missing and went inside the bar which was his hideout. Strangely his crew wasnt there. Jakuro was so pissed that he grabbed a katana and head inside too. Moxx was sitting outside there but he didnt speak or go behind him. After 4 minutes, Jakuro comes out with blood on his Katana. He killed Kivi and deliver him to the Marines there. He got the money and decide to leave this island instantly and head somewhere else.. The 2 of them got on a boat and left once and for all from Shinoki.