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The Shio Shio no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by "The Outlaw" Josie Young.


The Shio Shio no Mi is a white prickly pear with sand-colored swirls.


Young prefers to use his powers in conjunction with his revolvers. He loads his revolvers with salt instead of bullets in order to debilitate his opponents with burning gunshot wounds. When fighting in close quarters, however, Young uses his powers to burn his opponents or completely dehydrate them, turning them into salt mummies. Young can also use his salt-based abilities to corrode various substances, such as metal or concrete.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of this fruit is that it allows Young to create, control, and become salt. This allows him to burn or dehydrate his enemies. He is also immune to physical attacks, which is why he remains stationary during most battles. Also, due to the corrosive properties of salt, Young is immune to ice-based attacks.

The one major weakness of this Devil Fruit, besides the standard weaknesses, is that Young suffers from a perpetual thirst that causes him to drink excessive amounts of water on a daily basis.


  • Rock Salt Volley: Young loads his revolvers with salt and fires at his opponents.
  • Burn: Young grips his opponents in close quarters combat and corrodes their skin, creating a painful salt burn. This can also be used to corrode other substances.
  • Mummify: Young envelops his opponents in salt, completely dehydrating them and leaving a salt mummy behind.
  • Stampede: Young places his hand on the ground and sends a massive wave of salt in the form of stampeding mustangs at his opponents, completely dehydrating everything in its path. Because it causes so much damage, this is Young's last resort attack.